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Moose WoW Application

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Hey! My name is Mark, but most people call me Moose. I'm a middle 30's dude from Boston currently living in the Midwest US. I'm a new transfer to Stormreaver after free transfers from high population realms popped up this weekend. I'm looking for an inclusive, mature, friendly guild to join for Shadowlands raiding and M+. I went through WoWProgress and checked out a few guilds, but looking at the forums and engagement from people, SoH looks awesome! I'm looking for a home, where people might actually talk in guild chat or discord! That's harder to find these days than you'd think :)


I'm a retired progression raider, and look to settle for AOTC these days. I have an army of alts, but would like to play my shadow priest (will play disc if needed) or rogue. I am happy to maintain multiple characters if needed as well! During downtime, I also like to torture myself with the All The Things addon and farm old raids for transmog and mounts. Probably why I have so many alts :excruciating:


Look forward to seeing you in game!



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