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  1. I once almost placed in a speeling competition.
  2. Very gladly! Im thinkin why not both? Lumback fisherman! Best of both world, flannel with a fishing hat cant go wrong.
  3. Introduction. Here is a little about myself. I am 22 originally from Northern Indiana, I attended Purdue University for 2 years. The whole college thing was fun.. maybe too much fun? Hoorah beer! So I ended up enlisting in the Air Force and currently stationed in Louisiana with the Air Maintenance squadron working on the good ole B-52. I am a very laid back person not much really bothers me. My favorite food has gotta be anything cooked on the grill cant beat brats and cheeseburgers. My favorite beer would be Shocktop on a normal day, on a hot day definitely that Summer Shandy on a broke
  4. I Prosaic hear by sign thy name to accept this here Code of Conduct. I Understand these rules as well as agree to abide by them. -Prosaic
  5. Hello SoH, you may remember me from awhile ago in WoW under the name NateDiesel. I was a member of SoH awhile ago but life ended up hitting me in the face and I ended up having to get a job aswell as enlisted in the United States Air Force, because of this I didn't have anytime to play and sort of disbanded from the guild. I recently have purchased a new computer and have had time to get back into gaming. Some of the greatest times I've had while playing games were when I was with SoH. I greatly enjoyed everything SoH had to offer and hope to be able to rejoin back into the community. I am
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