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  1. Sorry been really busy with work but hopefully soon I won't be as stressed out. I will try to load a screen cap of my char select but not until tomorrow as my internet isn't the best and with the amount of time it took to get on game I really just wanna play
  2. I meant to say although I'm canadian not American lol
  3. Usually have 1% in the fridge but definitely prefer 2% Pluto most definitely should be a planet Bald eagle because although I'm not canadian I've always loved them and admire their majestic beauty. They represent freedom to me
  4. I play gw2, but have kind of gotten bored of it so only really do dailies, that is why I came to AA. I also played the original guild wars but haven't really played any other mmos. I used to play xbox 360 (halo, cod, etc.) but haven't played it in over a year. My goals in AA are mostly just to have a good time with my girlfriend and own a farm house and just do the whole family thing on the game. My reasons for wanting to join the guild are that I've met a few of the members and really liked them and would like to get to know them better. I would also like to get to know the rest of the guild
  5. Lol well I'm glad I could entertain a few people, I was quite entertained myself lol
  6. Hey, so I created a really witty intro based on the fresh prince of bel air theme song and then my phone died and lost it all :/ Il just give a brief introduction of who I am. My name is Brodie and I am currently saving up money to go into computer sciences. I love math, computers and video games. I'm just your average 21 year old basically. I enjoy making friends and look forward to, if given the opportunity, get to know u guys. My character on AA is on the server tahyang and it's named Fable. I got to know a few guildies when they discovered my hidden cotton farm and we had a great time. An
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