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  1. @fera Destanee is my discord name. =) people try to steal my name ( I have used it for about 15yrs. ) but usually if you see that name, or a variant (hope Destanee example) it is me. lol
  2. @Mordigrim why I raise it, make sure it gets all of its check-ups at the vet. I do my best to give it a happy life. Unless this is a wild elephant, then I do my best to return it to a world in which it will thrive and survive.
  3. Tyrlis, man, I wish I could play EvE, but I stink at it.. lol. it is always good to be this close to old friends again. I keep my ear to the ground though, and understand you are doing well as you prepare for a major move across the sea. =)
  4. I am Corwin, a guardian on Crystal Dessert server. I served on the first council with @Tyrlis and challenged him to be the leader he was. LoL TBH I thought we all did as best we could, our chore was a thankless one although hours of sleep were often lost worrying over what to do. I am playing WoW classic with you all now, and dabbling back in ESO (476 champ) I will be looking for an invite to the wow guild for my wife sometime this weekend. Thanks all, good to be with you again.
  5. Destanee


    Hello to all my old friends from GW2 !! ran into Fera today and once again had so may fond memories of all of you !!! I hope each of you are well and loving life !! Take care old friends, Destanee.
  6. Destanee


    omg, I am so sorry. I made this account because I didn't remember having one at all. Guess my memory isn't as good as it used to be ( I am OLD ) lol, there I said it. I will try to log in as Corwin and recover my password. again I am very sorry
  7. Destanee


    Fera!! miss you!! the cost is a bit high, 50 bucks. I don't really know how big or small the xpac is ( content wise ) but I have my fingers crossed it will be large enough to justify the cost. Tyrlis, from an original Wing Commander, waiting to see exactly what Chris Roberts comes up with before I get into another space game LoL Come Home!! Bloo Misses you!!! ( me too =D )
  8. Destanee


    Hello All !! some of you may remember me, I just wanted to Say hi to you and to let you know I still miss you all very much. You might remember me as Corwin on the Crystal Desert server in GW2. If you are coming back for the Expansion please include me in your notices. I will play on any server any time any place with you. Still missing you all. Please come home!! Sincerely your friend always, Corwin/ Destanee
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