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  1. Hi all, Well where should I start... I have always been a gamer myself and am always playing endless hours of a variety of games, although every now and again such as recently real life reduces my gaming time. Despite this I always try and keep in contact with everyone that I play with, and help out where I can. Eve Online is my favourite game although I have a tendency to change up what i'm doing to keep myself entertained whilst helping others. Other games I play at the moment are: Garrys Mod, Civ 5, H1Z1, although i'm always happy to try new things. In the real world I am a Network Engineer, and work On Call every other week (Hoping for that to change soon). When i'm not working or gaming, I tend to spend my time relaxing with some of my friends and watching netflix, You can alreadyy see im not the most exciting person haha. Well thats a quick summary of me, feel free to ask me questions. Thanks, Ascenity, Seranthia, Exelious, Xuthus, and whatever other aliases I have around.
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