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  1. Welcome (again!) I have only been in the FC for about a month now myself but I am really enjoying it. See you around.
  2. Oh you guys met through FF too? That's awesome!
  3. Hi! My favourite colour is red. I like purple also. I've never seen Space Jam. >_<' Aladdin? Sure. I like Disney. But The Little Mermaid is my favourite. Hmm.. Fantastic Baby by Big Bang, Lucifer by SHINee and Roly Poly by T-ara! Uhm well, I'm 22 sooo I'm already "grown up" haha. Dream career would be like an actress or a musician. But I'm a hairdresser at the moment sooo..
  4. Welcome! Yes, I miss the days of Crash and Spyro.. xD
  5. I have read this and signed!
  6. Ty for the welcome! I know people don't like FF XIII but I enjoyed it! Also Serah is one of my favourite characters so I was pleased to play as her.
  7. Aw that's fine. Sorry for being so awkward but I'm not at home at the moment. Some other time this week? :3
  8. Thank you for the welcomes! 1) I think they're a little bit of both. xD 2) I like both but I prefer dogs. I love spaniels. 3) I love FFX! And I like XIII. Yuri - I am picking my fiancé up from the airport tonight. If I can get my PS4 set up, can we do it tomorrow? Thanks. ^-^
  9. Oh that's awesome! Ty for the welcome. Can I message Yuri on here to arrange a time/date?
  10. Hi everyone, My username is Kushina Amane and I am 22 years old. I live in the UK. I am going to be moving to Leviathan and joining the FC soon! [Going on vacation next week.] I have been playing FFXIV since September 2014 and I got addicted to it [so I haven't really played any more games on the PS4.. But I'm definitely going to be playing FFXV and the new Uncharted game.] Apart from FF, I like Kingdom Hearts and Persona too. My favourite manga are Naruto and Death Note [hence the username!] Anyways, my main role is healer and I play all three comfortably but my AST is 210. Around March last year I started playing with someone, and we ended up doing everything together. We got married in game and spoke to each other on Skype a lot. We ended up meeting in real life, and we continue to see each other as much as we can. He's now my fiancé so love can happen on FFXIV haha. His username is Ryuro Cole and he will be also joining the FC. I have been looking for a group that is close, friendly and likes playing together and helping each other out! My fiancé and I have had some bad experiences where raid teams have broken apart without much notice or people in a FC who aren't too friendly. Anyways, I am also into K-pop [idk if anyone else here is!] If you guys want to ask questions, feel free. I'm hoping to get to know everyone here.
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