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  1. Hey! Welcome to the forums. Do you play any other games aside from FFXIV? Any neat hobbies like cross-stitching or murder?
  2. How excited are you for the Boku no Hero Academia adaptation? I heard it's really good.
  3. Another Lala! Welcome to the forums. What kind of anime or manga do you like?
  4. Ooh! I just noticed your avatar. Is that the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service? Yesssss. Studio Ghibli!
  5. What?! Logs in to check. Uh... nothing to see here. Yup. I found this lovely screenshot of a Lalafellian bellybutton. It's definitely not painted on. I don't know what you're on about. Coco is fine. I'm not particularly tied to the name. Auto-gen is fun. The legendary fiasco... is what got me to quit the game after playing since beta. AGH. So much potential, especially since the raids aren't half bad. ArenaNet's love for "innovative systems" was just too much.
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Cocorico Chichirico. As you can probably tell, I am a proud member of the Lalafellian race. We're wonderful and I won't let nobody tell me different! Anyways, I'm entirely happy to act as a sacrifice to give the rest of the guild a chance at greater spoils. I wasn't aware of the blood ritual prior to joining the FC, but Midri is very convincing. I just hope it won't hurt much. She didn't give me many details. But really, I'm a brand new FFXIV player. I've played many MMOs in the past, having started with Tibia. I progressed through the F2P space, enjoyed a short stint with WoW, and finally found a home in GW2. Until, of course, the game entered a content drought to end all other content droughts. And now I'm here! I currently play an arcanist and am hoping to advance to playing a summoner because I love DoTs. Scholar and Bard are the two other jobs that look intriguing to me. Raiding is definitely on the agenda but I'm more interested in getting friendly with a group of cool people. As for who I am outside of FFXIV, I am a full-time university student in my fourth year. I am working towards an English and Communications double major while doing some co-op work on the side. If you see me online a lot, then I'm probably procrastinating. I'm very good at that. I like the usual nerdy things: video games, anime, comic books, and regular books. My favourite game is probably Bioshock, closely followed by CS1.6; Ghost in the Shell or HxH for anime. I'd like to say that A Clockwork Orange is my favourite book, but that's only because Nadsat is amazing and Anthony Burgess is amazing for writing half a book in slang. My musical taste is strange and makes no logical sense. I listen to a bit of everything but I've recently been really into TWRP and Hiatus Kaiyote. Look for me in-game, add me as a friend. I'll try not to run away when I see the hungry look in your eyes. P.S. I've seen other people ask "dogs, cats, or both," and my answer to that is: I'm allergic to both! Yes, it's very sad. Very... sad.
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