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  1. Hello, everyone. After careful consideration, I've decided to drop out of EVE. I like everyone in the Corp, and I've enjoyed flying with all of you this past several weeks, but I've realized that flying with you guys is the only part of the game I'm enjoying. The day-to-day grind of earning ISK has grown tedious, for me. Additionally, I've found it rather disheartening to find that many of the skills I worked so long to create have such limited utility, as the game currently exists. Moreover, a lot of the friends I used to fly with no longer play, either (not Goons -- screw them). Also, what drew me to EVE, initially, was the ability to discover something new and different. As I've played, this last few months, I realized that part of the game was over for me, a long time ago. Essentially, it feels like an old shoe that I've worn for too long. Finally, my own table-top RPG campaign takes a fair amount of time, and a friend of mine plans to start his own GURPS: Space campaign (based loosely on a combination of Firefly, with some Traveller and GURPS: Transhuman Space elements), and I plan to play in that. As if that weren't enough, he and I play Stellaris fairly frequently, CIV VI comes out next month, and I find myself enjoying multiplayer strategy games, more than I do, EVE. I'll probably give Star Citizen a go, when (if) that gets up and running, and perhaps I'll see some of you over there. You guys are a great group and, as I said, flying with you was the best part of the game for me. Anybody who wants to drop a line and say, "Hello," you can contact me at the Denver GURPS Group Forum http://www.denvergurps.com/ or you can PM me through the forums at SJGames.com. I'm tshiggins, in both places. If anybody comes to Denver on business or vacation, drop me a line and I'll buy you lunch. Fly dangerous, everybody. I'll see you around.
  2. Yeah, I knew it was a risk, but based on the information I had at the time (as well as, admittedly, a desire to bloody their noses after the previous evening), I thought it could work out. I figured Drake would probably die, but that I could hang on and deal out at least a little pain, long enough for the inbound fleet members to arrive. Unfortunately, what was a calculated risk for three ships was untenable for six. That's why I tried to abort the warp, but I was -- literally! -- about two seconds too late. Sigh. Ah, well.
  3. Well, dang. The repercussions of last night's op have started. I was ratting in D4R, this afternoon, when a red popped into the system. I ran for the station, while watching local. I docked and dumped my cargo, just as a guy up in the complex, Drake, said he'd been snared. Guy apparently hadn't paid attention in local. I checked the fleet chat, really quick, and saw at least one person say he was coming to help. I undocked, as local had three reds. I figured, though, with help coming, and with the nice tank on the dominix, we might be able to extract him. So, I clicked to warp to Drake, in Fleet, and the slow-ass dominix started to align. Just as I got it pointed, and the speed had throttled up nearly to 75 percent, three more reds popped in. I spammed "Stop Ship" like crazy, but it was exactly too late. I warped to Drake, and saw he had six reds on him. Crap. Knowing I couldn't get the slow-ass dominix re-aligned and out of there, I doubled-down and attacked, only to have two more ships jump in in the middle of the fight. At that point, we were outnumbered 8-2, and there was no way help could get there, in time. Lost my dominix, and Drake lost his ship, too. I can't regret it, though. Given the numbers, and the fact that help was on the way, I think it was right to try to help. However, the reds chained themselves in at nice intervals; if they had hot-dropped all at once, I would have stayed docked up. Nicely done, on their part, I gotta say.
  4. How do you "prove" something like that? All I can say is that, when I started to play EVE, the best thing I did was hunt pirates, and try to clear out sections of low-sec space. As a general rule, I think people who want to take part in PvP should head out to 0.0 space, where that's the way of life. The notion of lurking around in low-sec, and trying to gank n00bs and miners, just annoys me. It was an expensive and quixotic endeavor, but it made me feel good to see PvP pirates whining in local because somebody dared to turn the tables, on them. As for joining the Goons, all I can say is, I didn't do that, the corp I was in did that. I wasn't even an officer of the corp, at the time (and hadn't been an officer in any corp, since I left The Department of Justice). I'd been flying with those guys for awhile, so I couldn't just kick 'em loose because I didn't like the alliance they picked. Sometimes, you have to go along with your corp mates, for the sake of being a team player. That said, given my preferences about the things I like to do, in EVE. flying with Goons was never a good fit, for me. They tended to go out of their way to act badly, which is something I don't particularly care for. Moreover, as you note, that relationship with the Goons didn't work out very well. I got a new job that didn't get me home until fairly late in the evenings, which limited my time to play, and they kicked me loose. When it comes down to a conflict between games and real life, real life has to come first. Honestly, there's no love lost, there. It would be nice to see some of those corp-mates, again, but I don't particularly care to have anything to do with Goonfleet. As for getting my old stuff back, what would I do with it, if it's not in 0.0 space? It's overkill for low-sec anything, missions get repetitive in a hurry, and most pirates would either run from a character with that much experience, or just gang up. I've gone through two different contract jobs, since I stopped playing four years ago. I got a new computer, recently, that could handle the way EVE works, now, and so I jumped back in because -- as you noted -- I like this game. I'm just looking for a home, really, and I have a lot to offer. That's the long and short of it.
  5. You have to be careful trying to make money with carriers. I've had to rescue several corp or alliance carriers whose pilots took them out ratting or mining, only to get jumped by raiders. It's too easy to AFK mine in those things, and pulling in all those drones takes time. It got so bad, at one point, I was tempted to ask the bosses to let one or two get ganked, just as object lessons. They're too expensive for that, though, really. As for the commerce raiding, that's a blast. You take in small, fast ships (HACs and AFs, with interceptors to tackle, and cloaked scouts to find targets, works best), and just plan to get them killed. However, if you manage to take down a mining op or, better yet, a hauler, packed with high-end loot or blueprints, then it's worth every penny. In RL, I work as a software QA tester. Currently, I'm moving from contract to contract, in the Denver area, but I'd like to get on with a full-time position, pretty soon. I'd like to take a vacation and not have to worry about spending money while I'm not making any. I'm a GURPS player, so I'll celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with a session of my table-top game: http://www.denvergurps.com/forum/index.php?topic=516.0 Probably the most embarrassing thing was when I was ratting in low-sec, and didn't pay attention to local. I'm not even sure I had it up in its own window -- that's how green I was. Guy jumped in and hammered me, before I even knew he was there. I just didn't pay attention, and lost a ship needlessly.
  6. Hello, everyone. I've returned to EVE after an absence of several years, and am looking for a good corp to join. Blades of Grass controls the area where I was active, before, and after a bit of thrashing about, everyone recommended I talk to you guys. I started out with a pirate-hunting corp (The Department of Justice), and that remains my most favorite thing to do (despite the risk and the chronic losses...). However, out in 0.0, I led successful small-ship commerce raids against alliance foes and, although I do have the needed siege battleships, small-ship operations remains my second favorite thing to do, after hunting pirates. The two skill-sets overlap, quite a bit. I'm a few months away from reaching Gallentean carrier, but that's my primary goal, currently. After that, I'll probably train up capital ships, but I don't know that I'm all that keen on super-caps. I like the smaller ship operations best, even though I recognize that the realities of 0.0 warfare means one just about has to learn to fly at least capital gunships, eventually. I hope I get the chance to get to know you guys.
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