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  1. We used some Daisy Pellet guns (really nice competition quality ones) and did .22s on friday. they were straight poopy tho. Id like togo to the range but Gun laws in Illinois are dumb Z.z I do not currently play HoTS but i have thought about getting into it! NUUUUUU!!!!! Ketchup is a sin!!! <Reference I don't know the breeds but one is big white/grey and REALLY fluffy. A black and brown one thats old but my favoirite, and an orange one that looks liek a skinny garfield and is really annoying It was overnight camp! oine week at a time for 8 weeks. Favorite part about camp was the last day at the closign campfire and seeing the campers crying because they didnt want to go back home. While crying is always funny, it was super emotional and cool that you could make such a massive impact in just a weeks time :3
  2. Hello all! My name is Tom (Goofy Brah in game) and I am going to be a new recruit for Raid but also for social! So I might as well get into who I am and a little bit about me! Personal Stuff: I am 20 years old, been out of Highschool for 2 years now. I went away to college for a few months but decided it wasn't what I needed at the time so I left (Mechanical Engineer major if you care). Sicne then I have worked a few odd jobs; UPS, Grocery store deli person, Factory worker, and the last 3 summers i waas a Summer Camp Counselor! It was a LOT of fun and I mainly worked with children ages 7-12 but up to 17. I did High-ropes, archery, and riflery mainly. I did a LOT of teambuilding with a whole range of people and that has to be one of the coolest things I have ever done. ***feel free to ask about teambuilding games/ideas that you want to try with your friends/co-workers I know a lot more than human knot*** I am currently taking a few classes ath the local community college and going to be starting a job soon Game Stuff: I've been playing FF14 since around the time World of Darkness came out. I quickly started clearing FCoB and sold it shortly after. I left for the summer (camp counselor) and started working on gordias and heavensward. Cleared A4S before lockout was lifted and sold A1 and A2. My driving in A2S was pretty good if I do say so myself. Led to top parse in the world at the time with Cryshulvo Umbrea . I left in early april this year to work at the camp for some school groups and cam,e back jsut a few weeks ago and here we are!! Silly Stuff: I have 3 cats but hope to get a big doggo (Husky/Akita) when i get older. I am a LaLa and proud >:D I play LoL casually. Silver 4 with 1300ish MMR Country and EDM are my fav music Genre's but i can listen to pretty much anything I live in the Chicago Burbs. So NO you do not fold your pizza, NO you do not put ketchup on a hot dog, DA BEARS, Go Hawks, and I kinda have a little accent 6'3" lumberjack lookin dude I watch a LOT of twitch streams All in all, I like to be a Goofy guy and make people laugh and have a good time! Feel free to come talk to me in-game and I'm sure we can find something in common! Have a nice day! -Goofy
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