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  1. Hey! Yeah, I took about 10+ months off and didn't play many online games in that time frame. But my queue has been running and building up skills, so that's something. I figured it could be a fun game to play now that I have a few extra days free a week. I can probably jump into a fleet a few times a week or more, depending upon schedule. But I don't want to inconvenience anyone, so whatever works for you guys will work for me. I'll try logging in a few evenings here and there while you guys continue to sort out your upcoming projects and deployments. If there's anything I can join in on or help out with, let me know. When I do play games, the team aspect is the most important to me. So, I'm happy to be involved where I can be. Thanks, Wuzin
  2. Hey all! I'm back after 10 months of offline training in the queue. If you'll have me back, I'd love to rejoin! I've been sitting in the station, so it will be pretty easy for me to get up and going and join you all. Thanks! Wuzin
  3. Albion Online is fun. It's another sandbox game with an isometric top down view. Like EVE it has high security zones and then zones for PvP and contested player run cities. The economy is entirely player run as well. It feels like it has good potential, but I think the best experience is had playing with outer rim guilds that engage in heavy PvP. Otherwise, for players like me that don't yet have a guild, you're hanging out in the high security zones resource gathering and crafting. WoW is inescapable... every time I try to leave, they release an expansion.
  4. Hi Solomon, Apologies, yesterday got away from me a bit and I ended up getting distracted a bit by work. I'll PM you my API info now so you can take a look today. If you don't have the time for an interview tonight, no worries! I'll be floating around in space while watching Netflix and hopefully not working. Hi Tyrlis, Sorry for the late reply. Outside of EVE I'm trying Albion Online and I occasionally play SWtOR, STO, UO and (apologies) WoW. I jump around a bit and usually stay whenever I have a good group of folks to play with. In regards to advertising, there are still a fair share of smarmy executives out there. I'm currently working with a fun bunch.
  5. Hi Oshri, Haha! I have two pugs, Brutus and Maximus. Although a lot of my neighbors have Shiba Inus. I write for animation at the moment and produce advertising on the side. My writing is a mix of kids and adult content. I'm glad to hear that you've had a great experience with the group so far. It makes me confident that this is the right group for me too.
  6. Hi Solomon, Thank you for your welcome. I look forward to chatting with you too and getting to know you guys if I seem like a good fit. I saw a lot of other recruitment posts on there, but you guys seemed like the most mature and community focused. My main hope this time will be to find a community of folks I can play the game with. No major goals apart from having fun. This will be my first time in null-sec though. I'm a quick learner though and a good follower, so I can certainly contribute my skills and resources in an effective way. I have a dreadnought from a while back, but I'm pretty sure it's about as rusty as I am. Outside of virtual space I'm a writer and a dog person. So I'm either working on side projects, hanging out with friends or taking my dogs out to the park.
  7. Hello Scynner, Thanks for your reply and interest. I'm from New York and usually play in the evenings and on weekends. In EVE, I enjoy everything. I like exploring. Combat is fun, although I haven't done any PvP yet. Mining and crafting is also pretty fun and I'm looking to delve a little deeper into it overtime. At the moment the only thing that's missing for me is the social aspect of the game. Floating around in space by myself is still fun though.
  8. Hello SOHCO team, After seeing your recruitment thread on the EVE forums, I'm interested in joining your ranks. I've rejoined EVE after many years away, making me a bit of a new player with some prior experience. Your team seems like a great fit for me from an attitude / maturity perspective. I'll reach out in game to speak further, but wanted to make my post here prior to doing so. Best- Wuzin
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