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  1. read and signed! nice meeting everyone again and hope to play together more often!
  2. Yep.. definitely programming thing and layouts haha Wow that's impressive, I am not too familiar with that topic, but if I do remember correctly it is related to AI right?? I'm always very impressed and jealous to see people that works in AI department since it's a very tough subject to get a strong grasp on and industries are very hot about those topics from conferences I have attended.. Dissertation proposal in January!? Holy... I got some time to go until then, but I also have Ph.D candidacy exam I need to take in January so hahaha anyhow, I'll get on Mumble tonight little bit later when I come back from lab!
  3. Thank you so much everyone for all the welcome! I guess I'll have to transfer sooner or later, but not too sure how I'm going to transfer my gil so if you guys have any suggestions on how to go about that, I'll listen to it or else I guess I'll just buy some glamour items haha Yes! I'll be able to do that this weekend. I'm also usually a night owl so that works for me too. And that's pretty awesome to hear that you are also a Ph.D student in CS! I'm currently attending Penn State University and my specialty is on emerging memory security (this is pretty much finished after this submission I'm working on) and circuit design for different camouflaging techniques! I also have some interest in network security, but I'll probably look into that little bit later when I'm more confident in math How about yourself? It's very nice to see a fellow doctorate student in this field! Anyhow, nice meeting everyone again and please let me know any instructions I should follow or such. For some reason I'm not getting any notification on my email, so I may reply little bit slow, but I'll keep checking!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm not very good at writing any kind of introduction, but I'll try my best. So I'm a 25 years old male graduate student who is currently pursuing Ph.D in Computer Engineering! So nothing interesting goes on in my life except a lot of paper writing and caffeine consumption I have been playing FFXIV since 2.1 due to my friend's recommendation (he has quit since 3.2 and went back to FFXI) and honestly I'm quite surprised at myself it's already been that long since I have started this game. I originally started as WAR because I love lalas and figured as a WAR, I would wield a big axe which is three times larger than my size, but shortly after disappointed in the fact that wasn't the case so I switched to DRG because I loved the fact tiny lala jumping around everywhere and tanking the floor! So as a DRG, I started doing coil as mid-highcore from T1 all the way up to T13 and was pretty much addicted to FFXIV until the release of 3.0. Then I originally raided in Alexander, but life became more time consuming (finishing up Master's degree) and I was very not big fan of early Alexander raid in comparison to coil, so I basically stopped raiding there (and intend to keep this way for now!). After quitting raiding, I switched my job to AST as I wanted to feel the hardship healers have to go through and after maxing that, I had to temporarily leave FFXIV again due to moving process from one university to the other. Now two weeks ago I'm more settled down and I decided to try tanking again as DRK. So currently just leveling up DRK (52 at this moment) and having pretty good fun! I'll be honest that I'm not too sure myself of what I am looking for in FFXIV anymore since I don't raid and pretty much play casually. I just miss that feeling of when I first started the game where everyone just had a lot of fun together instead of trying to race and outdo each other if that makes sense. Maybe I'm being little bit unrealistic haha Therefore that's my little bit of FFXIV history if I can call it that way.. but here are some other facts about myself! I'm Korean and moved to states when I was young, so I'm alright at both English and Korean, but proficient at neither of them Tennis is my huge hobby ever since I moved to PA since there's literally nothing to do here. Other games I play at times are: Dragon Quest Builders (I'm not good at it, but having some fun) Curvestone I'm usually up for any games that can be played with friends. Huge baseball fan of Dodgers, and yes I'm little bit sad while typing this Anyhow, I'm currently in Faerie so I'll have to transfer to Levi, but I certainly don't mind doing that All in all, this post became little bit longer than I originally intended... so I apologize for that. Thanks for informing me about this FC and if there is anything that you may be curious about, please let me know and I'll try my best to answer it, good night!
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