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  1. You have to get super ninja and get in those command positions while in fleet. I never miss a chance =) I know it's a bit nerdy, but I get a nice feeling knowing I'm giving a couple dudes a boost. You sound a lot like me, except my ex is always on top of business. Where in the midwest are you? I'm in Chicago. Cheers!
  2. Diplomacy sounds fun. Is it anything like Supremacy? I've played that a bit and I remember having that same cloak and dagger feel through the alliance process, and nuclear escalation. Although I'm sure they are quite different games.
  3. I rather liked I Am Legend, although I've never read the original story but I'm familiar with the deviation. I thought in this case the alternative presentation was interesting, even if they completely switched perspective and perhaps missed the point of the story, or at least that's how it was presented. In any case, I like the movie more than I, Robot.
  4. Well, for starters, other than the Three Laws, the movie plot had really little to do with the original story. While I like Will Smith, and the adaptation of I Am Legend, the I, Robot movie just had too much cliche comedic moments and jam packed with unnecessary action scenes, at least given the contrast with the books. I'm not one to put down a movie simply for deviating from the original book, if the movie turns out to be good, like Blade Runner, but I thought I, Robot failed.
  5. You should give it a go. While set in pretty much the same universe as I, Robot, the galactic scale of the series takes a very different direction and spans a considerably larger timeline. Most notable is Asimov's use of pseudo-science (for the lack of a better word on my first cup of coffee =), for which he's famous for. I should probably read it again, it's been almost 30 years, but to be fair these days I don't read much fiction any more, I focus instead on history, philosophy and para-psychology. Right now I'm reading Debt, The First 5000 years, an interesting look at how our financial systems evolved over time. And when I say 'right now', I mean I have about a dozen books that I read here and there, sometimes backwards =) with 'Debt' being the primary.
  6. Thanks Scynner Perhaps you'll notice a pattern with my replies, but when it comes to choices of things I love, I have a hard time settling for just one =) But I'll try. 1. The first few years I grew super fond of the Myrm, I flew it in PVE, PVP, armor tank, shield tank, triple rep, I lost a bunch of them, just about everywhere. When wormholes were introduced I flew on in a C5 the very first day. Died in a blaze of glory of course! Northern Alliance CTA called for Megas, I flew a Myrm. To my defense, it wasn't an act of rebellion, I think at the time I just didn't know any better, it was my first large fleet fight. I still have a screen somewhere of the fleet returning and smoke trailing from my Myrm. Maybe one of my proudest moments in Eve. Sure I was at 10% structure, and way out of range to hit anything, but I made it man!!! However, I moved away from the Myrm, finding the Cane an excellent ship and quite versatile. No longer dependent on drones and the fallout for AC is much kinder for pvp. But it's been a while since I've taken that into combat. Not to knock drones, of course, so the Ishtar and Domi I've flown many times with success in small gangs. The Domi, despite its whale like structure, is quite capable. I like frigs a lot and the Ishkur and Jaguar would be my favorites in that class. I love the Jaguar and I've used one effectively in pvp many times. What I would like to fly though, and I haven't had a chance to yet, is a HIC like the Phobos, but I've always been fascinated by Ewar, I have top skills in most ships but have not seen much combat. I've dabbled in some good fits for the Rapier, sadly the only pvp I've experienced flying one ended up inside a bubble in Provi. That didn't work out well, but I didn't really have much of a chance to begin with. Besides these subcaps, I own a Thanny and would very much like to take that out on an op one of these days! I would also like to fly logi, I've spoken to Valence about it and hopefully I can jump in on the alliance training ops soon! 2. Board games - wow it's been a while. As a kid I used to make my own, growing up in a Eastern European country didn't afford one such luxuries as toys, so we had to make our own =) Thankfully I didn't have the same problem when I moved to the US and some of my favorites are: a. Axis and Allies - superbly balanced and easy to play but also non-linear, despite it being based on historical events. My friends in HS played this a lot, often stretching over several days for one campaign. b. Monopoly - hard to get tired of this one, turned out to be even more fun when drinks are involved =) c. Risk - perhaps a scaled down version of Axis and Allies, but the simpler game concept allows for several campaigns in one night. Or one hour, depending on your opponent? What about you?
  7. I'm surprised Elric seems to have so little following. Not that having a movie is representative of popularity or impact, but well an Elric movie would be awesome! Did you read any other Asimov stories? I understand he had quite a few short stories in an ongoing publication before he even got to I, Robot. Sadly I haven't read any of them =(
  8. Thanks Grieve, I hope to catch up quickly!
  9. Hi Ashin. Cool I'll check out the rest of the forum shortly, I don't work today so I want to spend the day finishing up tasks in HS and moving some assets over to Jita. Food, yumm, I love talking about food as much as I like preparing it =)
  10. Hi Simone, thanks for the warm welcome! I don't mind sharing, but I should state that I've always been fairly casual in my trading. I'm not the type to sit in Jita and micro-manage each order. I also don't do much in terms of buy orders, although I have thought about it at times. Early on I focused on one item exclusively, and I did this for many years. Tractor beams. In Gallente mission hubs they would sell for up to 2mil sometimes, yet a region or more away you could buy them from an industrialist at less than 1mil, so eventually I had a good spreadsheet with buy/sell locations. I would regularly load up several transports and dump a huge order in each market as 3 month sell orders. They would sell rather quick, doubling my investment. If they didn't sell, I would adjust markets until I reached the proper zen state. It proved a rather nice income for my starter years, with fairly low time investment. Once I was involved in Null, I figured stocking up the most active inter-regional gate systems made sense. Systems like Torrinos on the EC gate were quite profitable for a while, the recent turnover in the north changed that a bit. I stocked the markets by hoarding all the pve mods I salvaged, melting anything that didn't bring good profits. Usually meta 4 pvp items would sell quite well, with profits well above Jita or other trading hubs. Items like lg turret mods, arbalest, smart bombs, webbers, points etc. So my market activity is fairly passive, as I have other means to make isk, but it's a nice variety and a way to re-purpose the loot for maximum profit. While living in null I tend to not mission much and I don't recall salvaging anoms much, usually the bounties are enough to provide the isk I need to re-fit my own ships. But I would sometimes stock the market if I noticed items missing, usually things like miner equipment sold well, and scripts are sometimes a good sell, they are easy to carry and you can get away with a bit of a markup without everyone calling you a traitor to the cause =) Oh also when they changed rigs from universal to sm, med, lg. I made a fortune buying up BP for these rigs and selling in trade hubs. I am STILL selling them on some alts after all these years, although a lower profit than before.
  11. Where was that Mathias? We once went to the Smoky Mts and spent a whole day looking for bears, they were supposed to be everywhere, but on that day not-a-one. Maybe it was their day off.
  12. Ha, yeah a huge part of good cooking is presentation, and that's often just talking about it. Probably why specials at high end restaurants are not usually listed, but recited as poetry by some french accent waiter =) French itself is such a beautiful language that probably has something to do with why the cuisine has such a prominent profile. Liver stuffed duck with leeks sounds ok, but in French it sounds soooo delicious! To your questions: 1. I had a hard time picking this. I grew up in Romania and my dad took us on many road-trips. I've visited so many castles, any one of which could easily take top place. But I think I have a soft spot for the Black Hills in South Dakota. Perhaps it was the company and the circumstances of the trip, but I think the serene beauty of the place and the chill nature of the population, really makes it stand out as one of the favorite places I've ever been to. 2. I think it would have to be ice cream. I thought it was weird at first, but I've had quite a few ice cream deliveries, mostly in summer. Which makes sense I guess, ice cream in summer, except that I have to drive it in rather hot weather. One shop in particular specialized in fancy ice cream, like shaved snow, very delicate. There's no way that was going to reach the destination the same way it left the shop. I've even had conversations with the owners if there were ever complaints, which there were, customers always wonder why the ice cream is melted by the time it arrives. Helloooooo! Besides that, 2 shakes were probably the strangest. You just spent an extra $10 for 2 shakes. Ok, I guess if you have disposable income.. 3. Bears have got to be the coolest animals. And literally too. For the most part they're pretty chill, they like to keep to themselves and are not usually aggressive by nature. But mess with them and you get flattened into the ground. Turtles are a close second!
  13. Oh also re sci-fi, a graphic novel The Incal by Moebius and Jodorowski is one of my all time favorites. It was originally intended to be the first ever Dune movie, but Jodorowski's dream was too big for Hollywood. Many sci-fi movies borrow heavily from his vision. It would've been great. Anyway, after Hollywood turned him down, he turned much of the screen play concepts into this amazing graphic novel. A must read!
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