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  1. Read and understood, look forward to flying with you
  2. Thank you! I've been playing Zarya alot recently, especially on KOTH maps. Need to learn Lucio. Pancakes are the probably the 2ND coolest
  3. Whatever makes the most sense depending on my current situation. I've done ratting, mining, a bunch of incursions, and that sort of thing. I'm not against buying a plex or two to have some fun. Mostly just OW, but I'm always willing to hop on other games. Hoping to climb into diamond this season I haven't been to many places, but Heavenly in Tahoe is, well, heavenly. Beautiful snow, amazing runs. Not really much of a park, but that's fine because I'm pretty bad at that kind of stuff right now haha New York strip with a garlic-rosemary rub cooked in a full-bodied red wine. I've discovered that cooking in wine is quite amazing
  4. Hello SOHCO! I am in the process of joining your corp, so I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to your community. EVE I resubbed my account as news came out about the war against the Goons and the citadel update, both potentially game-changing events that I was excited to be apart of. I ended up joining a wormhole newbro training corp, Wormbro, that was reforming at the time and fell in love with pvp. Although most of my initial pvp training at come from WH space, I was still interested in sov, politics, and such, so I ended up moving to null. I've flown in about every size fleet, from 2-200, and been in a variety of roles. I have some experience as an FC for small to medium sized gangs, and really enjoy flying an interceptor for scouting/light tackle at the moment. I'm always up for pvp, regardless of the size. RL Outside of eve I study Computer Security, a field that I am incredibly passionate about. I enjoy running 5Ks, spartan races, snowboarding, and mountain biking. I currently in live in Northern California, 90 minutes from the beach and 90 minutes from the mountains. Other Games I enjoy FPS games, and tend to be playing Overwatch when I'm not playing Eve. I'm usually open to play PS2 as well, if any of you others enjoy grouping up for stuff. I was a sub for a small BF4 ESL team once too, so that's pretty cool I guess. I'm always open to questions about eve, or myself, so please do not hesitate to ask. Especially if it's on some computer security topic. I always love talking sec
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