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  1. Hello everyone, I was looking to join up as part of SOHCO in Eve. I just returned to the game after the ftp went live. In short, I played in Providence spending my days ratting, plexing, and going on patrols. We were a small group that trained together and were a considerable force when deployed to assist the main alliance fleet (CVA). I find myself slowly remembering the game as I putz around in high sec looking for a new home. I find the most fun in helping others and contributing to a bigger cause. In fleet I served as forward scout, tackler, and long range gunboat. I realize some of what I know may be outdated so once again I face a learning curve. In RL, Im an environmental specialist for a medium sized oil and gas company. Basically, I'm a professional babysitter that makes sure we are in compliance with federal and state regulations... quite the challenge. Im happily married... our children have fur, 2 dogs and 2 cats. They keep us busy. I like to game in my free time. in addition to Eve you can find me currently playing: WOWS, WOT, GTAV, Ark, Silent Hunter series. Fly Safe - Verrim
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