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  1. Thanks I have been a low sec dweller my whole Eve career which anyone that wants to see from my API can search and I have never had to worry about my assests because I was never purged but I also never put all my eggs in one basket either Doesn't matter I am here on the web page connecting with old friends, if/when I join is anothe rmatter. I can attest to my honor being the same as before though and I will not divulge anything either way I go. Hell I was part of Snuff when I went on a mining op when you guys first came back to Eve and would have joined then if Elend and Ty did not love Amaar space so much I am KoS there beyond any repair due to 3 years of FW; alas, then I went afk for a year and a half with no regrets I will try to remember my old log in info but I got tired of getting locked out last time
  2. Thanks Now if we can only get our benevolent dictator to rais emy access so I can at least get on the chat here...sheesh.
  3. Well, first I did forget my old info stuff but believe it or not "The Devil" is only out on certain occasions these days. The reason being is with my old lifestyle of living on the computer, I changed my persona to a character that I find entertaining yet not someone I would keep in touch with or even would enjoy being around in a personal sense. Hence the reason many of you never kept in touch after I quit gaming so much . Trust me I am very much the same person but much more stable and happy in my life which is very much reflected into my very very very limited play time on the computer these days. As for what games I play, that would be "World of Warships" and "Eve Online" both on a very limited basis. I got burnt out on D3 because it is just a watered down "World of Warcraft" with no raiding but the same shit every few months with a new name on it. When I only have an hour or two I will play "WoWS" and the "Eve" when I have an evening to waste. Now that the wife works some evenings this is when I play since I do not play during the week when she is home and very seldom on the weekends when she is there. As for life my career is going awesome and I get to travel around the globe doing it, because I work on ships (Mostly Navy and Coast Guard) I go where ever they go. Not only do I get to make good money but I get to meet great people and experience many places and cultures. That is why I was able to meet my wonderful wife in the Philippines. As to being a "GHOST", Screw you Ashin! I am and always will be a vet After talking to whatshisface the other day I do not think I can join the chapter in Eve because he said he wold purge me if I go afk. There are times that I am out of country or on a ship where I can not log on for months at a time into gaming and even webpages sometimes. I have been with Ice Fire Warriors since the old corp in FW disbanded and even when I go afk for a year they never purge me and welcome be back with open arms even if just for a week or two before I go afk again. You know me loyal to a fault, but I would have joined if the purge was not thrown out there. Anyway hook me up with some Vent,mumble,TS info so I can talk to all you bishes!
  4. Oh Yeah as a vet upgrade my access bishes!
  5. Hello old friends (and new), this is the neighborhood Devil coming back, but then again I am not called by that anymore. Ever since I played Horde in WoW as Holyghast, I changed my name to Ghastis in all other games I play now. Looking forward to hearing more and catching up with you peeps. You can look me up at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003057140117 on facebook also.
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