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    Hello everyone! It's nice to meet everyone and i hope I can answer these questions the best I can. Edit: Thanks for the encouragements for the baby. I'm pretty excited for the whole thing. Tyrlis - I am a Marine veteran and was stationed for two years in Okinawa Japan. Went to Miramar where I deployed in 2012-2013 to Helmand province with MWSS 373 1. While I do not think I struggled with commitment, since I followed around one group of guys for 8 yrs, but it did cause me to corp hop a lot. 2. I do not really have a story. I basically pictured I could be heavy dps, which is they way I trained. Dmitri - The break was around a year. I just purchased a 6 month subscription in order to find a new group of amazing people, and get back into the game. They updates are pretty hard to keep up with since I feel like I've missed a lot. Simone - I can basically fly a perfect megathron. I have medium and large blaster spec 5, gallente bs 5, all basic gunnery skills 5, and all armor to lvl 5. Iron Guerilla - HELL YEAH! FINALLY! The company I work for, which might know our stores, Kum and Go. Thats who I work for, well their fuel company.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Frank Hill, but my real name is Chris. I currently live outside of Des Moines, Iowa in a small town called Norwalk. I have a wife, one fat cat, and a baby on the way in 2-4 weeks. This is our first child so I am nervous and completely oblivious to what will happen. I do picture exploding diapers, and somehow buying a rubber aprone with a plastic face mask to protect myself. I am 29 years old, and currently a fleet manager for a fuel transportation company. Eve History: I know I do not have much to show for here, but I'm hoping the experience I lack, I can easily make up in my quick learning ability. I started out and had no idea what to do except I wanted to produce as much damage as possible. I joined a corp (Primos) founded by two eve friends, and I enjoyed their personality so I stuck around. After that one went afk while the other went off to form Myrmidons, and since I knew a few of the guys I stayed with them. While in mX we moved to Fountain, but due to military service, I was gone a lot due to training and deployment. The CEO of that group was burning out, and tried to merge two groups, which failed, and ended up merging again into another corp. At this point, I know I have little experience and decided to go into their training corp. Things got out of control and ended up joining the main corp. While there, life happened basically and went afk. I decided to change things up and I really enjoyed reading what this corp stands for.