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  1. It may be a coincidence, but it works beautifully - Nothing like blasting some Whitechapel or The Ghost Inside in the morning to get pumped up and moving. I do a bit of welding outside of work, mostly fixing things for friends and my own junk. I tend to avoid fast food, so I say my favorite taco is any with meat and cheese haha. Favorite fleet beverage would have to be coffee, definitely prefer coffee over soda or tea as well. I have very little time on Empyrion, probably about 12 hours. But my Dota 2 time is up in the 1200 hours range (Yes, I spend a lot of time playing Dota during the winter lay-off times haha) As for pranks with my welding skills - All the time. I love welding my buddies toolbox to his draft table when he's on break, or tacking the lid shut, welding his tools to the table, things like that As for the coolest job I've worked on- It'd have to be the Destiny USA job I was on. Its an extremely large mall in Upstate NY- We built some extremely large ornamental iron trees that they suspended from the ceiling inside the mall itself (I did a lot of structural work on it as well) We built a total of 6 trees, totaling nearly 65 tons of iron sometime in spring of 2011, definitely some of my finer work, very proud of it and still have people tagging me in pictures on facebook when they go and see them there Being a bit of a nerd, I do intend to use what I know with metalworking to start a small blacksmithing project when the weather clears up, I recently had a friend ask me to rebuild a sword hilt for him and found that really cool, figure I could probably make my own things of that nature quite easily, and make a bit of money doing it
  2. Hey guys! My two good friends (Thor, and Plyn), are interested in joining your ranks, and after having spoken at length about it with Plyn, so am I! (Lucky you! Mwahaha). While I myself, haven't done much researching, I've been gaming with Plyn for well over a decade and trust her entirely- She says good things! To start- I'm a 29 year old man from New York (Upstate), no kids, not married. I'm a certified welder, have been since being of age to work. I'm rather skilled with computers and the like, though its mostly a hobby. I'm a former musician, I'm all about the heavy metal stuff, but like almost any kind of music, and have played in a group around the east coast for a short time. (Links to these horrendous sounding videos to follow because I have no shame ). - Outside of Eve, I am an avid Arma3 player (Exile, Wasteland, KoTH), -Plyn isn't horrible at FPS, don't let her fool you. I enjoy survival games, Space Engineers, 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, things of that nature, but am also a diehard Dota player. Well, continuing onto Eve, Livictus, is able to fly most Gallente ships, a some lower end Caldari and Amarr. He prefers the Hecate, Megathron, and Catalysts. - His skills are a bit all over, having made him in 2008, with zero idea what I was doing or what I wanted to do, but PvP is definitely an interest, while I'm quite terrible at the moment at it. Fattening the wallet via belt ratting, plexing, and the like is always welcomed as well. I tend to prefer the kiting methods, but am for the most part in everything smaller than my Mega, I tend to be built towards brawling. I have a bit of WH space experience, as well as Low-sec, but none in Null, but Plyn assures me I won't die THAT much... Right? >.> Terrible "Mark My Words" songs/videos- (I'm the goofy guy on the left of your screen that was too drunk to move much)...