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    Hello Everyone, My name's Joel Cosme, Jr. I'm a dad, husband, small business owner & aide for individuals with special needs in my late 30s. During my limited free time I like to relax by playing some video games and/or watching Netflix. I recently bought FFVIX to play with a friend/co-worker and to get back onto the online games since my last attempt in 2005 with FFXI. I enjoy participating in group events and used to have a small guild I started back when in which we helped each other out whenever needed. I'm not sure what I should share on here, but I was informed that it's the first step before I could join in on the FFVIX guild. I just built a character on Jenova but may on Cactuar to join my friend. I'm interested in the Arcanist job to eventually have the character as a summoner. This is a bit more complicated of a game interaction and menu-wise than I expected, but hope to figure it out soon. I'm interested in exploring the game with others and solo when I play for a bit when I can. If there's anything you all would like to know about me that's needed before I can join, let me know. Thanks