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  1. Well I've never had anyone relate my name to a bathroom haha. Although a funny related story, the first online name I ever used in an old MUSH (text-based roleplaying game for those of you not old enough to remember the age of MUDs and MUSHes), was Ducharme which apparently sounds similar to two words in german meaning "Wash me"
  2. Lol well yes, it's true I don't think any of their rye's are 100% rye. To my knowledge very few rye whiskeys are truly 100% though, a fact I only just learned last year when someone bought me some stuff that actually said on the bottle it was 100%.
  3. Hmm. Well if I had to pick one.. I'd have to go with the Lexx, I mean the power to destroy an entire planet all rolled up into a dragonfly looking thing. But I'm also a huge fan of the good old Star Destroyer.
  4. No beer for me, I'm a rye whiskey guy. The place where they make Crown Royal is a few hours north of where I live. And don't worry about too much trade competition. I don't know if I'll be trying to play a big market trader out in null. I'd much rather do mining and/or production.
  5. On the personal life side of things? I'm a software developer, co-founder of a small company with a few friends. I was on Dragon's Den last year (on behalf of said company). I do primarily web development, but I've also done Unity game dev, and mobile apps. No kids, nor pets at the moment. When I'm not gaming or working, I like to gym it up, and I'm also an avid cyclist. A favourite ship from all of sci-fi? That's a tough call. I love Battlestar, but I feel like there's much cooler ships out there. (Don't hate me plz)
  6. Yes I do. And my preferred way of making it is to have someone else do it for me
  7. Howdy folks, Ottoelite here, although most people just call me Otto. I just came back to EVE after probably around 5 years of not playing. So much has changed that I feel like I'm just starting over again. I wanted to find some people to play the game with as most of my old friends that I played EVE with have either quit completely, or are rarely ever on. I also wanted to get back out into null-sec, as I've started to grow tired of just farming lvl4 missions in empire. This led me to the recruitment forums where I came across your posting which caught my eye. I like the more mature / family friendly philosophy of the corp, and alliance, and that fact that it's not a super hardcore group who demand crazy time commitments. I originally started playing EVE in 2005. Started out as a miner, where I made some friends. We eventually moved on to low-sec piracy for a while. After this we joined up with the En Garde alliance who were allied with AAA (Against all Authorities) and had some nullsec fun. Towards the end of our run out there was when I originally stopped playing. I have two accounts, my main one sharing this name (Ottoelite). He is primarily an industrialist. With lots of mining, PI, some manufacturing and research skills. I've always enjoyed a relaxing evening of mining. And I've dabbled a bit in setting up my PI pipeline as well. Most of my money however has been made from trading on the markets. The second account (Baranic) was my combat pilot, and was the guy I generally used for PvP. I enjoy the Gallente in your face style blaster boats. Some of my favourite ships (more style-wise than their efficacy in actual pvp) are the Deimos, Astarte, and Hyperion. I've chatted with a few of you in-game in the SOHCO Public channel, and hope to hear back!
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