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  1. [FFXIV] Brayden's Intro

    Sara-san bullies me every day with photos of cats until I succumbed to playing! It builds Social Link skills tho, so I can't complain.
  2. [FFXIV] Brayden's Intro

    Hey, no problems! Sorta figured things would be a bit wild here coming into launch! I've played Warrior in XIV since 1.0, only because I enjoyed the look of it's Artifact gear-- giant axe may have also been included for cool-factor. As for content, I'm open to everything. I did loads of dungeon grinding at the start, but never got an opportunity to set my feet in a raid environment during my time. I did hear about the Golden Saucer stuff and Tetra Master getting added, so I might spend some time playing card games in games. I left because I was sorta letting it get in the way of studies; I fall sorta hard on this game for the nostalgia factor with XI and finding myself slacking off a bunch to get more gametime in. That, plus a little bit of drama with the FC I used to be in that kinda put me off to playing for a while; long story short, I wasn't really interested with how toxic the group a friend found was. Lalafells are the perfect punting height! Followed closely in line with their Tarutaru ancestors in XI!
  3. [FFXIV] Brayden's Intro

    Hey folks! My characters name is Brayden Hayes, but my real name is Matt. I've heard a lot of good things from you all through a long-time friend. Minori Thanos. I'm currently returning to the game FC-less after a long, long-time off the series, requiring some catchup through Heavensward the weekend of Stormblood release. I'm currently 26 years young, and just recently graduated with an Associate of Science in Network Infastructure and Security-- just need to get the certifications and my foot in the door. I currently work an at home, commission-based service connecting investors to foreclosure markets in the state of Florida, acting as either physical representative at auction, or home inspector. It's not quite the job I enjoy, but the flexibility has been awesome. I'm a little bit of an MMO junkie, starting as far back as Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast back in 2001. From there, I dabbled in a little bit of PSO: Blue Burst for the PC, but ultimately landed in Final Fantasy XI for the majority of my time playing from 2003 onward. I dabbled a little bit into endgame across varying degrees and expansions with a come-and-go relationship for the game, getting a few weeks in here or there still today. I've dabbled in WoW for a bit since WotLK, but honestly was never too in-depth with it-- Shaman was one of my favorite playstyles, followed closely by Warrior and Druid. I used to play on US-Azgalor, and moreso a PvE kinda guy. Inbetween bouncing across FFXI and WoW, I've played Guild Wars 1 and 2, All Points Bulliten, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and a plethora of F2P titles. I'm also heavy interested in the ARPG styles of games like Diablo and Path of Exile, moreso the latter. There are also a few more obscure kinda things, like being a Kantai Collection addict, but that can be explained later since it's a very Farmville-level guilty pleasure. Outside of that, it's been a lot of exploring my nerd. I dabble in those mind-rotting anime shows, and recently started cosplaying in various embarrassing things. I really enjoy the crafts associated with cosplaying though, as it scratches a lot of that 'uses-outside-the-box' feel that came with my interest in the field of Cybersecurity. I'm also into sports some, bleeding various colors depending on the sport; Red Sox for baseball, with some AL love for the Marlins in my backyard, the Philadelphia Eagles and a fantasy foozeball fanatic come the start of fall with some CFB love for Ohio State, and my Heat, even without Wade/Bosh now, just for the enormous respect I have for Pat Riley. I should be into fitness a whole lot more, but I make sure to get myself moving at least twice a week, though I've been slacking some since reaching my goal weight. I'm only just now exploring a life without assignments or textbooks around me, so the free time is a bit foreign still, but other than that, just taking it one day at a time! Hope to see you all in game soon!