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  1. i have read and agree to the terms set forth.
  2. That wont be a problem i just really want to meet some new people and learn to be the best pilot i can be, and i am willing to train toward whatever can make me more of an asset to the corp, oh!, any and all help training efficiently towards those goals would be greatly appreciated could use the time to grind out some isk too haha
  3. most probably wont remember, but it never really felt confortable there for me, there were some then that I don't think really believed what happened entirely lol as far as gaming goes it was the worst thing ive ever went through. I'm not that type of person IRL or in games.
  4. oh and the name, south of heaven, I'm a slayer fan lol
  5. Greeting Ashin, the main reason I didn't reapply is viger doesn't appear to be around anymore, he is the one I meshed with the most @ bluep. How I got to be in bluep is kind of a funny thing. Again in my quest to have everything now and not have to wait to train, I stumbled across a character names aftrunx that was well skilled, in fact amazingly skilled for the price being offered(that should have been a clue), it was late at night and I offered to BO that he wanted, I was awarded the pilot and the transfer took place. When I logged in it startred, convos, hate mail, death threats in game, some out of game, the pilot I had bought for so cheap a price was corp thief and this one was on a grand scale, bluep, and lawn in general he had looted for an amazing large amount of isk, and ships and even messed with corp and pos and sov stuff that I don't understand. it took me a lot of time with viger directly to get him to believe I was not the same pilot that did this to them. some never really believed that to be true. Eventually I sold that pilot as it wasn't worth the trouble and then life got in the way and I quit playing. that is why I didn't go back there. If any of that doenst make sense, my apologies. I debated just waiting and answering on comms as its easier for me to talk coherent than type sometimes lol Gartius
  6. A friend introduced me to the game, and playing it, I ended up meeting some people that were forming a team to compete in some leagues over at www.teamwarfare.com. We were actually really good lol her is an old link look at the 6v6 cqb and objective ladders, reddawn was our team name lol. good lord that was back in 2003 http://archive1.forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=86391 A drunk guy wanting the cops to come and take him to get more beer, cause he is too drunk to drive come to mind...............lol I have a softspot for the TENGU, skilled and fitted right it can take a beating and still spit out some really good damage although that puts it on the expensive side of life lol, in mindstar we ratted with them almost all the time, in wh space and low sec. ill learn to fly whatever though if it helps the cause at hand.
  7. Lime Ridge, I'm in Espy!!
  8. 1. as ive gotten older I don't need the instant gratification so much, and eve with all its complexities appeal to me much more now. I also missed the social aspect of gaming, A big part of gaming for me is meeting and interacting with people in the game. 2. I learn things rather quickly, or read and research if I cant get a handle on it, actual flying time is probably a year total. and low on the experience totem pole. but I will go at things with an almost single mindedness if it interests me enough, just ask my wife. If I'm reading a book I like she can talk to me and ill never know she was even in the same room lol. I really want to learn logi, ive always been drawn to healer stuff in all the games I have ever played. 3. corn hard tacos, with all the fixings, and hot mild sauce Tell me I cant measure up and I will, just sayin haha
  9. Where in pa? I'm in bloomsburg pa.
  10. SO, where to begin, well I'm 44 yrs old,married with a 19 yr old in college. I am a 911 dispatcher in good old PA, and also a Fire Chief at the fire company here in town. My gaming "career" started with pc fps ( Americas Army) which my wife would say I like more than her lol, that progressed somehow into a headlong infatuation with WOW,. I tried eve on a lark and quit not long after as it was just so damn hard to get started, very overwhelming, then played wow some more and read up on eve a lot more, and started taking an interest again. I am not a very good at waiting when its something I really really want and the training times almost made me wanna slit my wrists lol, then I found out you could buy pilots and that's how I got gartius. joined BLUEP ( well how I got to bluep is an interesting story in itself, that is too long for here!! but id love to tell it to anyone on comms so I don't have to type it.) and moved to 0.0 to learn, then real life conspired against me and I have been gone form eve for about 4 yrs. Started getting bored and decided to fire up eve again. as much as I type being a dispatcher, when It comes to this stuff I get brain lock. hope this helps you all get to know me better. GARTIUS aka Ken
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