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  1. I don't really have a favorite day of the week. most of the time I don't even know what day it is. I guess any day that I don't have work and get to sleep in my favorite taco is fish tacos I don't know was fleet beverage is but if its beer its dos equis. if soda big red or Dr. pepper. them 3 drinks are all I drink and for the extra credit: want to watch me clean my six-shooter?
  2. Thanks for taking the time to look me over. for your first question I Do own a six-shooter. It's a 1872 colt frontier six-shooter. It shoots a 44-40 round. I'm not sure witch one I see myself in but the one that I will always remember and love is Tombstone. How do you earn your real-life ISK? I work at a apartment building and drive for postmates on the side. I also done HVAC for 11 years. and now if I was on a island and can only have one song.... Bohemian Rhapsody.... its a fun song and haves lots of parts to it. one of my favs. and will help drive myself crazy so I can try get off the island.
  3. o7 Hello all I am RKJakTup. I been playing eve online from 2009. I also play games like D3, WOW, Runescape, Albion, CSGO, and many others. right now the top 3 I play is EVE online, D3 and Albion. I'm from Dallas Texas and you can tell when ever you hear me talk. lol From the time I started eve I lived in Null sec most of my time. I spent 2 years in WH space. I been PVEing most of the time and PVP with I have the time to fly in the fleets but now I'm looking for more pvp. I like smaller gangs and gate camps where we BS and talk most of the time then kill anything that comes though. if yall want to know more about me just hit me up in eve and we can have a chat. Thanks for your time in reading this Fly safe o7 RKJakTup
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