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  1. I swear I red it reel gud.
  2. I would definitely say both are unfortunate because I think being young and living on a tropical island again would be amazing. Right now I'm having quite a bit of fun trying out the different frigate fits so I'd say my favorite ship would be the kestrel or heron, but I feel like that could change pretty quick the more I learn. Favorite taco is pretty easy, shredded chicken with all the toppings and the hottest sauce I have access to. I thought I put in my application yesterday, but I will check later today just to be safe. My favorite beer usually changes frequently but right now I'd have to say either Founder's Porter or Dragon's Milk. Now a question for all of you, what netflix show are you currently watching?
  3. Hello all. I've been wanting to try EVE again without ending up shooting lazers at rocks, so when I saw your post on reddit I thought you all might enjoy watching me stumble around right before my ship blows up. My tags are usually Miori or Balthuzar but you can call me Micky. Unfortunately I'm 34 and I live in North Dakota. I've played quite a few games but always wanted to give EVE a more serious try. I don't mind being cannon fodder so long as I'm having fun doing it. If you have any questions hit me up.
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