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    I have read and agreed, please be gentle
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    [Destiny 2] Cvil

    Not at the moment, I used to play baseball and such, but now my life mostly consists of work, school, and video games, with the occasional social hangout with friends. My school was actually pretty cool, not gonna lie. We had a Viking mascot and he was pretty great. Probably Imperial Agent story line, at least it was the most memorable. Loved the spy part of it, as well as the many twists and turns in it. I work as a produce clerk at a grocery store. Mostly consists of stocking the shelves/tables with various fruits and veggies as well as helping customers.
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    [Destiny 2] Cvil

    Hi, I'm Cvil. I'm 21, at community college atm, technically undecided, but i'm heavily leaning towards psychology and/or criminal justice. Working part time on the weekends. I'm pretty relaxed, and level-headed, but I still like to win, so I can get a bit emotional when in any type of competition. Got into Destiny 2 over the holidays, been in love since. Love raiding, and although a bit frustrating at times, pvp is fun as well. Used to play other MMOs, such as SWTOR, which first got me into gaming, as well as FFXIV, which I recently lost interest in, and I play a few other games. Namely Pokemon, League of Legends, Overwatch on occasion. Nice to meet you!