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  1. Signed and agreed, thank you.
  2. Hello, This aimed more at the admins. I am a new member of this community, and I am trying to check off all the prerequisites to become a full member, I believe my final step is signing the "code of conduct" but I am unable to do so for some reason, I believe it has to do with my current Priviliges on this site, but then again I'm not a pro on the setup of this site yet. Anywho if I could get a hand with this I would appreciate it. Thank you
  3. Wicked awesome, my name is Chad but, I don't live up to the rich frat boy stigma that comes with it.
  4. You may call me raider, or by my character name in eso if that's what we are playing, actually I don't mind people knowing my true name if thats not against the creed of this guild in any way?
  5. FERA: my tag is @ckennington1 P.s. it is quite interesting that Louisiana has the 504 area code it is quite far from oregon
  6. FOR JACKAL: 503 is the area code for southeast portland in the state of Oregon and it is where I grew up. I think the most memorable gaming moment was the very first raid I completed on destiny, it was at neon in the vault of glass, the amount of teamwork involved was crazy and it was satisfying so much so that my first eso character was named Atheon Time-breaker! And breakfast food is far superior.
  7. FOR SIMONE: I have a sorcerer lvl 18, a templar lvl 19 and a warden lvl 14( had to start over) My favorite mount is the direwolf because my friends and I called ourselves the wolf pack( go ahead and laugh) My vocation is a fuel dispensing engineer(fancy talk for fuel attendant) I work at a gas station. FOR TYRLIS: I dont like avocado unless its in guacamole form and then I just like it with tortilla chips To cope with stress during a dungeon I will usually listen to tunes, blame the healer or get a glass of chocolate milk I would be a flying fortress bomber simply because it was the tank of the sky as you can very clearly see in a couple of the call of duty games So imagine a dingy pirate with his deep face on staring at you and then realize that there is a line of white text over him asking "but why is the stamina gone"
  8. Hello, I go by NWraider503 on the interwebs, I am a west coast man born and raised, currently the ripe age of 22 years on this planet. I've been gaming my whole life, gaming to me is just like reading a book for some, except I am a part of my story, playing games releases stress for me (except when it doesn't) the game I'm invested in currently is The Elder Scroll Online, but I enjoy lots of other rpg's and shooters, such as COD, FF15, fortnite, siege and many more, of you have any questions or concerns please ask.
  9. Thank you all for the info I will get on the intro ASAP, I'm still getting used to the guild site.
  10. Is there an official guild for ESO?
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