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  1. lestatdevalois


    Hello Panda, Welcome to the guild! You're the mascot of my company! Pandas are literally everywhere in my office. Love the kitty name. Brings back some dangerous memories for me. Questions for ye: 1. Do you drink coffee? 2. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? 3. Favorite song? 4. What is your secret talent? I'm excited to hear your answers! <3
  2. lestatdevalois


    Hey @Jackal! I completely understand the work/living situation for dogs - I'm glad mine changed to have one. I hope that day comes for you soon! > TL;DR - Indonesia is an easy, cheap place that I'm semi familiar with. The long story, however, goes as this. I originally thought I wanted to move to somewhere warm year round like California or Florida, but with traveling for my job, I felt like every state was pretty much the same. I was ready for something completely different. I started to think about out of country possibilities, but didn't imagine it'd work well. My friend owns a yoga business down there in Bali and was telling me about it one day. It sounded super beautiful, cheap, warm, and full of like-minded people. I looked at the validity of it all, and chose it based on safety, cost, easily attainable information on visa related things, etc. It will be the first of many places I'll live as I work my way around the globe! > My memory isn't great, but the last game I played extensively was D2. One of my favorite raid nights was when I did an LFG with randoms and got a bunch of easy-going, hilarious ladies to join with me. It was the best raid group I had ever had, and all these women were badass. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard while playing a game before. > GREAT QUESTION. He tore up my Turtle Beach Gaming Headset & two expensive bras all in the same day. Not a fun time that day.
  3. lestatdevalois


    @Tyrlis - gahhh.. missed that. I play a Void Warlock - Voidwalker!
  4. lestatdevalois


    Hello @Tyrlis! I really do love the mountains here, it's something I'll miss - I'm sure! But sun feeds my soul, so Florida sounds amazeballs. I only have climbed indoors so far, but I'm getting better & just bought gear, so I'm sure that I will be able to do some real ones come summer time. I would rather control water - because that's in our bodies. So I'd essentially have human control too. Make people dance against their will or something. I play a Dragonknight fire mage person or something. I don't know what a raid is yet. I'm assuming it's a cooler dungeon lol. And yes! This is why I joined the guild! I need moar frens.
  5. lestatdevalois

    Voice Server

    If someone can open my user access up, that'd be awesome. I just need access to the ESO chat! Thank you!
  6. lestatdevalois


    Oh that's sweet! I live in Taylorsville, specifically, so we're pretty close! And that's awesome - Canvas is the shit.
  7. lestatdevalois


    Hey, yeah! I'll explain a bit! I live in SLC, UT, or SLUT, as we call it here. I work for a company called "Instructure" as an Implementation Consultant for our software, Canvas. I'm moving to Indonesia in October for shits and giggles. I'm actually super physically active, but I also love games. So you'll typically see me online in the evenings and weekends when I'm not out and about. I like rock climbing, hiking, camping, playing music, playing with my puppers, writing, and anything that is amazeballs. - Lestat as in the vampire, yes. I loved the books so much, I adopted his last name as my own. So I go by Paige Valois. Though in gaming, you can call me "Paige" or "Lestat"! The books are out of this world, and have nothing to do with the movie, really. I feel like they took characters and made a movie based on them (but I'm sure all book readers feel that way about the films that come out after) - I don't play very many games anymore, but ESO, Destiny 2, and a bunch of old PC games I have... like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines, and some other games like the Far Cry series. - I'm pretty sure Dragonknight. I think I'm like level 36 or something lol - I have superpowers. I drink and I know things. And thank you! He's the best.
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    Also, here's pictures of my pup, Warlock
  9. lestatdevalois

    Code of Conduct

    Yes I agree!
  10. lestatdevalois


    Hey there friends, I'm Paige. I'm vibrant & can have a potty mouth. I'm new to ESO and learning the ways of the force... errrr magic. I'm totes into PVE. Please teach me the things, and thanks for having me! *Edit - I'm also super sad you guys don't play D2 on xbox. Otherwise, I'd be cooler and be able to join in that.