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    Everything looks good to me!
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    Hello SoH!

    Any horror stories? Well, the last home we rented, had baby roaches in the kitchen. We think they were in the dish washer the landlord had installed before we moved in. That's where they were every time we opened it up. Let me tell you.. I HATE ROACHES!!! The first few weeks were horrible for me, haha. An exterminator came out and whatever he did, got rid of them and we never saw another one for the two years we lived there. Most memorable moment in a game has to be Aerith's death in Final Fantasy 7. That was the first time I had ever played a RPG and what really got me into gaming. I cried. A lot. I'd for sure eat the steamed broccoli and mayo. No poo, please!
  3. Kielithos

    Hello SoH!

    Thanks for the welcome! When did something start out badly for you but in the end, turned out great? I can't really think of anything other than we lost our home several years ago and have been moving from apartment to apartment ever since. I think the longest we stayed somewhere was like 2 years. Anyways, we just bought a home back in August and it's bigger and better than the one we had and in the city! So in the end, it turned out great! What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? I'm actually really picky about what I eat. I don't have an weird combinations of food.
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    Hello SoH!

    Hello SoH! I came across your recruitment post from the ESO forums. I've been playing the game off and on for about year now and I never could seem to find the right place for me. What caught my eye about SoH was that you all are new to the game (so I think), and you all are still learning and growing. I think that's great because even though I've been playing the game off and on, I still haven't really done much of anything in it. SoH seems like it would be such a great guild for me. I want to experience more of what ESO has to offer: Vet Dungeons, Trials, vTrials (maybe), PvP. All of it. Hard to do when none of your friends play and you're running solo most of the time. Hoping to change that! Now for a little about myself. I'm a 34 year old male from Texas. I mostly game on PC, but do have an PS4 that mostly used for Netflix and other streaming. Haha, but I do have Monster Hunter World that I hope to play soon. I work and my schedule is always changing, but I think I could make most Saturday night hang outs. I do play everyday though so I should be around most nights. (Unless I'm being dragged to play PUBG or something.) I'm a quiet guy IRL and in game. Always have been. After a while, I do tend to open up. Hope that's not a problem. Always willing to help if I can! Ok, I'm bad about talking about myself so if you all have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope to explore Tamriel with you soon! Thanks for your time! Arty ESO Name: @Kielithos