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    Read through and understood
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    hey there SOH!

    I don't exactly have a favorite meme but if I had to choose it'd probably be the "do u kno da wae" meme. It was short lived but will always live on in my heart Quite a lot I'm guessing lol I play Fortnite Battle Royale off and on. I'm not very good and never got quite into it. I was actually looking into buying PUBG but I held off due to the unfortunate lack of money I currently have at the ripe age of 16
  3. Ratchettt001

    hey there SOH!

    I'll keep that in mind
  4. Ratchettt001

    hey there SOH!

    Thanks! My account is Ratchett001
  5. Ratchettt001

    hey there SOH!

    Also just a quick note... If I'm too young and you'd rather keep the guild populated with older people then that's okay. Just let me know I won't be offended if you turn me down lol
  6. Ratchettt001

    hey there SOH!

    I don't really have a problem with playing with adults as long as they're okay with playing with me lol. I'm looking to push my boundaries and I've never quite been comfortable when it comes to guilds but I figured if I could find a friendly guild to start in then It'd make the game much more enjoyable. I've been game-surfing for a while now and I decided to give ESO a shot on my PC. I was instantly reminded of how fun it is and I'm planning on playing it for a while. Other than ESO I play things like Ark: Survival Evolved, Fortnite, Minecraft (off and on). Maybe! It's pretty late for me right now and I don't want to bother anyone but I'll remind myself later! Thank you! My favorite subject is actually art and I'm in a specialized art school that I auditioned for in grade 8 The names of my two cats are Oliver and Rosie. My dog is named Seamus (pronounced Shaymus) because my mom is really into Irish names My favorite food has to be french onion soup by far. I don't actually have any weird food combinations that I can think of off the top of my head right now actually oops Also a fun fact about me! I can speak french as well as english. It's kinda the requirement here in Canada that we learn both languages but I still like to boast a little bit
  7. Ratchettt001

    hey there SOH!

    Hey there! I ran into a post on the eso forums asking for new members and after messaging Fera in game I was directed here. I guess I should start by introducing myself then I'm male, 16 years old attending high school in Canada at the moment. I have two cats and a massive great dane puppy that is a lot to handle but we still love him. I've been playing video games my entire life and I have always had a passion for MMOs (even though I never had anyone to play them with). Something about open worlds and adventure appeals to me in a way that other games just don't. My first ever MMO was World of Warcraft when I was 5 or 6 and I played on my dad's account when he wasn't playing. I started playing ESO about a year ago when I bought the game for the first time on the PS4 (my primary gaming system at the time). Since I recently got a PC I bought the game and am now looking for people to play with. I currently have a lvl 11 breton sorcerer on pc as my first and only character thus far. I have the Morrowind expansion and have purchased the dark brotherhood dlc using the free crowns given to you upon starting the game. I am interested in joining SOH because it seems like a great group with friendly and accepting players. I have always wanted to play MMOs with other people and have looked to join guilds in the past in other games but it never worked out mainly because of me being intimidated by others that knew the game so much better than me. I want to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and would love to start with a friendly guild that I can learn the game alongside with. Although I did buy the game on PS4 a year ago and have dabbled with PVP occasionally I would still consider myself a noob as I know next to nothing about builds and such. Anyways I'll save your eyes the trouble of having to read any more of my introduction Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far though and thanks for having me!