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  1. @Tyrlis A+ is still a primary certfication for PC repair. I did a under breath scream when I first used it in the beta. My music album of choice would be green days american idiot. @Estarriol I think a bat. I never thought about punching mammals I still would call it a hot dog. A guilty pleasure I would admit to is......Playing D2 despite me calling out the BS.
  2. I have read the CoC. Easy to understand and follow.
  3. You hit the nail on the head on the pacific northwest and very close on the current location one of my memorable gaming moments is seeting foot in the kanto region in pokemon gold when I was younger it blew my little mind that it even existed. Favorite class is Titan with the sweet business. and Cats but I don't mind Dogs either.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is James. I live in the desert and just left from a wet forest. Just a chill guy that wants to have fun with my games. I play where the fun is such as MMOs, RPGs, FPS, Arcade racers such as Mario kart, Just about anything really, If I had to narrow down my favorites they would be. Fire Emblem, Metroid, and Monster hunter. I am currently going through online school for PC repair. my hobbies are Rock crawling with RCs and just being outside. I also twitch stream on the side if your interested here is my twitch -> https://www.twitch.tv/jamescse <- I
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