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  1. Weeeelllll.......lets just say my favorite smell is a plant, that is consumed, and leave it there. Legs, i dont think i could live without being able to feel and touch with my hands. Means too much. At least with bionic legs i could walk across a hot lego pit and be unphased.
  2. @Tyrlis no, E-One. None for not having ever played the original (what a slacker) but if you don’t attempt the new one when it’s released I’m revoking your nerd status Probably the “Odd Dance” that hasn’t people hopping around like a chicken. The one they got from Arrested Development. Or maybe it’s the “Odder Dance”? O_o
  3. Seem fair enough Signed
  4. Well @Ferai don’t really follow current trends anymore so I couldn’t really answer the first question. Obviously I’d rather step in monkey poo, this isn’t Marvel 😂 and movies I’d have to go with Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Kung Fu Hustle. Books, well....my favorite series’ I was reading when I was actively reading were the Forgotten Realms series (R. A. Salvatore), and the Keys to the Kingdom series (Garth Nix). @Grieve youve obviously gotta go with Whorelock Master race for class.....maybe hunters by a close second. Exotic.....if D1 counts, the D1 version of MIDA. If only D2, is probably go with..........................yeah most D2 exotics are meh. I don’t really run with any very often. Except my Ophidian Aspects. Never run my warlock without them. Almost never. If I had to be stuck with anyone, it’d be Cayde.
  5. Haaiiii.....My names TBear......and ive been addicted to gaming for 20 years. I used to stream for a bit, decided the time wasnt right for that. IRL i build firetrucks. If you live anywhere in the US youve probably passed one that the company i work for has built. Dangerous stuff, should ask about my scar sometime. Umm....as far as games go, Destiny 2 is about the only online game im playing at the moment. I play a little Dragon Nest or Elsword here and there but very rare. If i get the notion i may download Tera again. Im still looking for a good MMORPG to get into again. Im a HUGE Final Fantasy fan. Been playing that series for years. Cant wait for the remastered/redone FF7. NEEEERRRRD-gasm! Anyways...dry that off here...one sec.....Umm. Im 26, have a crude/dark sense of humor (when i do talk that is, im usually quiet), and to be honest ill probably use discord more than these forums (sorry) but feel free to hit me up on BNet (TBear#11821), or discord (T-Bear#6664), or steam......when i remember what my steam name is. TBear is a somewhat newer handle ive switched to and i dont remember if steam matches it or is still my old name....ask me about that later, oops
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