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  1. I love that SoH has this code of conduct, and I actually took the time to read it before even reaching out to join the guild. Everything listed is what helped lead to my decision to reach out! I think avoiding drama, and building friendship and community are keys to building a strong family and I'm glad you guys live by those standards. As for the remaining points, I'm all for them as well. I'm a competitive person but I do believe in respecting everyone - your teammates, your opponents and yourself. And I agree that cheating is a huge no no. Part of the fun is growing and improving by your own efforts and strength! One other really important thing, which is not listed but I'm sure is practiced, in my opinion, is trust. I think having the courage to trust one another no matter the setting of stakes is important not only to building bonds, but also to improving teamwork and therefore performance in anything. I've probably rambled at this point but thanks SoH! Looking forward to gaming with ya!
  2. Aliens. Always aliens. I found $20 once...but it was my dad who dropped it and I gave it right back hahaha I have a big love/hate relationship with BDO. The fast paced and fluid combat is incredible, and the game is visually stunning. However that's about it lol. It's missing so many great features of other mmo's, and the devs don't have a great relationship with their players at all...in fact I've read some of them don't even play the game themselves. I really hope that in time the game will improve, because I do think it has huge potential. Did you play it?
  3. ESO name is @jorion! I'll keep that advice in mind, thanks
  4. I much prefer soft tacos! As you said, that's a difficult question hahaha. What's yours? If I had a super power, it would be to control time, so my arch nemesis would be the taco shop guy. I froze time and ate all his tacos First royal edict: taco Tuesday is a national holiday
  5. Yes! I'm @jorion in game. I'm on the west coast! Seems like a lot of you are too Irl I'm a photographer/videographer! I absolutely love what I do
  6. Hi there SoH! My name's Michael, in games I almost always go by Jorion or some variation, and I go by this in ESO as well. Apologies in advance if this is a bit lengthy, I tend to go overboard on these things hahaha! I've been gaming for a few years now, primarily mmorpgs. I love them! The big ones for me were TERA and BDO, and now ESO! I played an archer in both games, and also play a nightblade in ESO (can you tell what type of class I like?) I've also played all of these games with my best friend, who is also hoping to join SoH! I'm currently level 39, and I'm in the Aldmeri Dominion, which I also saw most of you are as well! I poked around the forum a little bit, and between that and the description on the ESO recruitment page, I am very excited to potentially be able to join this guild! I've always wanted to be in a mature, fun and competitive guild and this seems like just the group! I especially like that this is a more mature and respectful group than a lot of other guilds, and I also like that it's an easy-going group that still wants to be competitive. I've only been playing ESO for about two weeks now, but I'm absolutely loving the game so far! I can't wait to explore more of the world, and I'm suuuuper excited to try PvP and raids, and I'd love to find a family in SoH to do these things with! That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, so shoot me your questions! I can't wait to meet you all in game and here on the forums, and tell you more about myself! Thanks!
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