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  1. Greetings from the west!

    Remake? Say whaaaaaat? Is this like that Episode I-III stuff that the master glue sniffer did a few years back? (You know, G. Lucas?) My vote is to leave well enough alone, but there have been decent remakes of other classic westerns. BG's sound good - if I can ever get my lazy butt online. Lots of stuff distracting me right now. Sorry everyone!
  2. Greetings from the west!

    I preferred Midgard, and usually played a Kobold hunter because STEALTH AND PEW PEW that's why! Also messed around on Hib some but not much. Really miss the RVR and BG's too at low level. I have played the game, and it's good for a laugh. If you've played it and noticed the giant cow ... sculpture ... that's near one of the gas stations, there's one just down the road from us. No violent encounters around here though we've come across random bears and other creatures on our property. There are allegedly mountain lions nearby but I've only seen tracks. Preppers I'm sure are everywhere but I don't know any. Cultists would be a stretch but there are some religious sects such as the traditional mormons and hudderites. I think I scooted for an entire day once, despite logging out to try to fix the problem. Pretty sure it was in the zone with the Ogre dungeon. Feralis maybe? As far as a living goes I'm retired (from the Army) and "work" as a photographer and duck hunting guide these days. They're really more like hobbies that almost pay for themselves. If I have to pick just one - Tombstone.
  3. Greetings from the west!

    The pit looking girl is a question-mark terrier, in other words what breed would you like her to be? Other one is a Chesapeake Bay retriever. I'm currently trying to be an archer-shooty-arrows type but as I'm level 5 I can't say I've really committed to anything. Best thing about Montana is the mountains, worst thing is the internet access. I'm fortunate to have 10mb/1mb DSL where I live. The sign right outside town says population "about 50" and dogs "around 100". 1. Because tacos are the modern ambrosia, and my favorite kind (much like beer) is free. Hard to find but delicious. 2. POW! I'm a chicken hawk! In order to return to myself I must deliver a shrubbery to ... someone?
  4. Greetings from the west!

    Thanks Fera - ingame name is @thrakkar
  5. Greetings from the west!

    Hello everyone! I saw the recruitment post on Reddit and it piqued my interest, so here I am. My name is Thrakkar, I live in western Montana with my wife and two dogs. I've been playing MMO's since vanilla WOW and DAOC, both of which I miss dearly but will never be replicated. I tried ESO when it released and felt it was really awful. Some reviews on Youtube led me to believe it might be worth a shot again however, so here I am. So far I'm impressed but I haven't found a good group to play with yet, and solo-MMO kind of seems counter intuitive. I'm strangely fond of group cooperative play and teamwork being an anti-social introvert who generally dislikes social activity. The post on reddit and some of the things I've read here on the forums about the guild lead me to believe you have a good thing going here, and I'd like to be part of that. Look forward to seeing you all in-game. Bonus photo of sleeping doggos: