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  1. RockSteady

    Hi SoH

    Labradoodles are that breed that's just smart enough to know they can get away with acting dumb LOL. 1. Used both, I prefer Gradle personally but generally "the powers that be" pick Maven, so that's where I have the most experience. 2. Spring although I work in a custom DropWizard + Guice config which I like but obviously is not documented as well LOL! 3. I can get by with Angular although my coworkers are diving into react so I may make the move into it as well. 4. Work is mostly in Java (as you may have pieced together) which I would describe as at the very least manageable. I'm really enjoying the work I've been doing with Rust. Normally when people ask me that question though I say LISP just to see their heads explode.
  2. RockSteady

    Code of Conduct

    Read and Agreed.
  3. RockSteady

    Hi SoH

    Thanks for the welcome! Whisper sent! @Fera I've found the bigger the dog the nicer they are, also they never seem to outgrow wanting to sit on you. My dream dog is giant schnauzer incredibly smart dogs but they will 110% try to run the show if you let them. Currently though I'm basically in the same boat as Minori I've moved into the City proper and I can't in good conscience have a dog and live in an apartment. @Grieve I like the hunt of mining. Beer: Kolch, Wine: Pinot (which i refuse to pronouce anyway other then PE-NOT), Liquor: Rye Whiskey; overall: Beer -> Liquor -> Wine. I played Warhammer 40k a few editions ago... I have an embarrassing amount of money tied up in "little plastic dudes", I'm a bit of a gym rat and writing code use to be a hobby but it's become my job so now I just work to much. Well I live in Portland so I've seen some truly bizarre and outrageous stuff... as for things I've done myself... Once at a bar I announced that all the people I'd come with were boring, proceeded to climb over the short dividing wall between booths and joined the group I found on the other side for the rest of the night. Because of the lay out of the bar it appeared I climbed over the wall and then just vanished. @Kyth Prot Pally Space Goat was my main but I actually preferred the story line of the Horde so all my Alts were horde. If I'm making them pancakes if I'm eating out waffles. My job requires an unhealthy intake of coffee but I prefer tea in general. Autumn I'm a total Pluviophile. I wish Gas was still $1.25! Oregon is a full service state so our prices are normally among the highest in the country.
  4. RockSteady

    Hi SoH

    Hi Everyone, I'm RockSteady and I'd be interested in joining your FFXIV FC Something about your reddit post just caught my eye and after reading a few public posts I think I just really like the vibe I see here. About Me: I'm a 32 year old Software Engineer. Big dog lover, currently not an owner. I'm pretty new to FFXIV but was very big into WoW before so I'm not totally new to the MMO genre. The biggest wrinkle is that I'm located in Portland Oregon on the west coast which would make me a bit of a night owl for EST players but I wouldn't mind being the night shift rep for the FC. Looking forward to hearing from you.