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  1. Okay so correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure we cleared the iron fort so I might hangout there. Call the 0 guardians I know and chill there till I think of something with lord sallidian cuz god knows what the hell he was doing. dream job would be working for gamefreak as a concept artist and trainer 100%
  2. Thanks it’s my first one? More or less. Cool I did read the psa’s but if I post any art like that I’ll be sure to leave a warning.
  3. Very! But ah what the hells a jackfruit?
  4. I’m a mason east coast ah yea I play a lot of Pokémon, halo, and some other miscellaneous games. both actually two cats 1 doggo lots of drawing just got into comics. I’m big on figure collecting as far as class goes that’s a hard question I love them pretty equally I used to main a warlock win Xbox but I’m trying to get all of them on pc. I’ve got a maxed out titan and am working on a hunter. lord shaxxipoo of course tacos de barbacoa con limon Star Wars. Mostly because I enjoy the clone wars series. (Also working on my clone trooper cosplay) t
  5. yo, its the guy they told me to right an intro thing here so i am. i think. anyway im GGW aka Good Guy Wooper on el youtube. been playing Destiny 2 avidly since launch. ahhh..... pretty chill i guess. i dont know how to talk to people. so you wanna know what im like here this https://t.co/z80IVJiUJq oh and also im an artist https://pkmntrainercarmine.deviantart.com/. im 22 working and living on my own. availability is usually good. anddddddddddddddddddddddd our channel and art can occasionally be 18+ so fair warning
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