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  1. I read and agree! These are fair rules.
  2. I don’t have a particularly favorite area. I like the diverse scenerery between areas. I’m not sure what’s this question is pertaining to? I know it’s probably something I should be aware of but am not. I really like fresh coffee and leather. Not necessarily together, but they’re both soothing. Oooh incense too!
  3. Thank you! I look forward to gaming with you as well. Phych seems a bit more up my alley. Hopefully I’ll do better with it than physics.
  4. Waffles all the way. Pancakes are spongy and are all around just okay. Waffles are amazing. Ive played a bit of overcooked! I’d say that’s probably the best multiplayer on the switch right now. Mario kart is fun and all, but it gets boring after a few rounds. And I love splatoon, but you have to have multiple consoles to play it on which is kinda lame.
  5. I was studying physics to become a teacher, but now I’m going in a psychology direction. Maybe become a counselor? I’m east coast. And yeah I’ve been playing a lot on my Switch lately! Favorite game on it is probably Breath of the Wild. I have two cats and a dog. I prefer cats. I enjoy listening to music and playing on my keyboard and drums. I’ve picked up leatherworking recently and it’s been a lot of fun! Destiny class? Probably warlock? Although I’ve mostly played as only that. Probably Shaxx. He believes in me. I like tacos. They’re pretty cool.
  6. Hi guys! I mostly just play Destiny as far as online games go. I play somewhat often, but would be happy to jump on if other players needed me! It would also be cool to be able to actually voice chat with other members. As far as other games go, I play a lot of Nintendo which isn't super online based, but I have a good time with it. Since I play mostly on a console that has little to no online play, I don't know much about communities/clans/groups/etc. A bit about me: I am 21 years old, working toward a degree in college, and working part time. Just trying to figure out my young adult life and
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