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  1. defiantly i would be a pizza because pizza is a vegetable
  2. 901krool who is hands down my favorite person alive and the only dude who id ever go to the gym with (if i ever went) he is fine i miss that joke of course one of these days shes great kickin ass and cutting hair im shooting for something late october maybe thanksgiving aww shucks i aint that cute
  3. I am really excited for the new spider man game and red dead My favorites are Pokémon and la noire Pokémon you know cuz its Pokémon LA noire because I love the story and the setting I think its a really great game when I'm not playing games I'm working on my 92 golf gti or my 82 rabbit truck I would most definitely be a hunter because they have been and always will be the best class My desk has a ton of stuff on it some pop figures some amibo some dbz statues an omni blade corvos mask from dishonored 2 and a lot more my favorite is my cayde 6 statue I got for my pre order Einstein simply because he would be most fun to talk to and lastly ketchup but only if the fries aren't that great I like em the way they come
  4. yes i do her name is biskkit shes some kind of mutt very playful will fetch just about anything and loves couches
  5. Hello my name is kaleb im 23 and i sell lawn mowers and lawn mower accessories I'm defiantly excited to be playing d2 again most my clan fizzled out after CoO. Destiny is the game im playing inbtween whatever single player game im playing God of War was awesome i will also dabble in some over watch as well I mostly do crucible but i am always down for a raid or a nightfall. I prefer dogs to cats french fries are my favorite food i look forward to playing with everyone!
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