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    Cats are the best because humans were put on this earth to worship them lol. I started with Runescape, and I later discovered the joy of having a plethora of free mmos to try. Aeria Games titles like Last Chaos, 12 sky; Nexon titles like Maplestory, Mabinogi, Vindictus. Guild Wars Nightfall, Wildstar, Diablo 3 before expansion. A lot of these games tend not to stick, but 12 sky was definitely my favorite because of it's pvp and focus around one-shotting opponents. It also might be my favorite just from the strong memories I have playing with high school friends on weekends. I LOVE casters/magic users in just about any RPG. Warlock was my pick in Destiny 1, and its even more polished in D2. I miss the sunsinger sticky grenades tho. i5-4670K CPU, 8GB RAM, GTX 690. Currently I visit Krool and watch Megalo Box when there's a new episode. In my free time, I've been putting on Cowboy Bebop just to revisit. I've only watched Sword Art Online of these two, and I feel bad about it When I first watched SAO it was pretty enjoyable, but when I watched it a second time, I couldn't help but cringe at all the ~ f a n s e r v i c e ~ I watch intros the first time, but usually skip them afterward unless it's a great song. Xam'd has the best intro song ever! Dogs at their regular size are enough to fell me lol. Being a 90s kid means I get to share memes about how being a 90s kid is better than anything else xD But to seriously answer, I think my life has been severely impacted by the internet at such a young age that I take it for granted. It's hard to imagine a past that didn't have gaming, and it's wild to me that I'm kinda growing with the technology. I've been playing/watching performances with the locals for a few years, and one of the guys invited me to a Whirr concert. That band opened me up to another band called Nothing, and following those bands on social media platforms turned me on to some of their influences like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. It's a genre that combines prettier chord progression with washed out guitar effects and Loud LOUD LOUD layered instrumentation. I love it, but it'll definitely cause some hearing loss if I keep it up lol. You know how blastoise kinda opens up his shell and has water cannons protrude from his shoulders? Yeah.. thats how titans should fire their guns. That's a good guess, but it's actually from a HomestarRunner cartoon. Bubs turns his concession stand into a motel, and homestarrunner checks in under the name "Mr. TipTappers" ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY?! Fork Knife is my favorite gaem and I would rather play with kids anyway Put samus in League and I'll consider playing it. POS4 my dude. Bloodborne and MH World Tacobell was my favorite, but cookout is just TOO good. I appreciate all the questions everyone! I had a lot of fun answering, and I'll have to lurk around the forums and come up with my own interrogation process HUEHUEHUE Also I apologize if quoting each individual question is a bad format to look at. Let me know if that's a problem and I'll keep it more concise next time I'M SO EXCITED TO PLAY GAMES WITH ALL OF YOUUUU!!!
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    Rules look good to me! -TipTappers
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    Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm 23 years into existence. My best friend is Justin (901Krool). I've been playing MMO's since about 2007 and video games in general since 1998. My very first game was X-Men on Sega Genesis. My favorite game currently has to be Guilty Gear Xrd. I enjoy playing the drums with the band, and I love the shoegaze genre the most. I just graduated from a CIT (computer information technology) course and am hopeful to find work soon as a Desktop Technician. I'm a pretty quiet guy, giggly at times, but I love to listen and lurk in conversation. I like a bit of anime, but I usually just watch the popular ones. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me! Thanks for reading, TipTappers