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  1. MorriganReaver

    Intro, FFXIV Returning Player

    Yup I will be on tonight! Look forward to speaking with you.
  2. MorriganReaver

    Intro, FFXIV Returning Player

    Hey Everyone! My name is Morgan and on FFXIV I play as Morrigan Reaver. I picked up FFXIV years ago (been a FF fan since I was a kid) when it first came out. Played the game for awhile (about 6 months) then life happened (hubby returned from deployment and I got heavily involved in roller derby). Anyway, I put the game down and didn't ever touch it again until just recently. I've restarted the game from absolute scratch because I forgot the entire story. I'm playing on PS4 with keyboard/mouse. A little about me, I have too many crotch fruit. 3 total of varying ages. I enjoy the outdoors and camp often. I love drinking a beer after work. I have a love for sports but currently taking a break from them due to injuries and recently having given birth to my 3rd and final crotch fruit. I started playing FFXIV again because I needed something for ME that wasn't work, school (pursuing my masters), housework or crotch fruit related. So I'll hope you'll have me. I play typically about 4 nights a week after the creatures are in bed.