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  1. Qi'o

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Guys! There's been changes in some guilds i am in, and i came to a conclusion to leave the SoH Guild. We never were on a run together since i joined (i got it, that might be my fault too, time zones, etc... ). I tried to be as helpful as i could. With some of you i really got closer than with others. I would like to keep a friendly relationship with some of you, guys, those i conversed with, are super nice and cool people! So, don't be shy and drop me a line if you need my magsorc in some kinda event\run\affair\business ;D Good luck to you all! ;)
  2. Qi'o


    Thanks!) You guys are great ;D even though not so much activity going on online ( my bad), i'm happy to be part of the team
  3. Qi'o

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Thanks, Caif ;p I don't drink... at all... so... no comments ;p
  4. Qi'o

    Code of Conduct

    The Code read, its terms approved and accepted!-)
  5. Qi'o

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hello, Tyrlis, Grieve, Rohj =) You haven't seen that (RUssian cuisine), Tyrlis, 'cause there's no such thing! =) I have no idea what Russian cuisine is... all dishes are taken from other cultures.. it 's a mix now. some say it's pancakes with fillings (which is not) , or... Borsch (the cabbage soup) again it's not... it's Ukranian... And... as I am a vegeterarian and.. have never actually cared for those labels , I truly do not know ) must be definitely something with meat... I suppose ;p why you mentioned South Korea? don't get it ... I'm not going anywhere. i like it here =) yeah, there are not so many non-Russian English teachers... if there is one, that probably be a native speaker, 1 of 10 on a team... It's rather a low-paid job here... even for natives. 'Cause, as i said above, Russians wanna learn languages but don't wanna do a thing about it....total recklessness ;p Qi'o comes from a mixture of one of online names, such as Quanan,.... AND my igniting desire to make up a short name with some oriented, universal roots... so, I took the Q, added the I, then, an apostrophe (for dramatism emphasis) and ended all that with the O... there you go - Qi'o )) I am a linguist and a musician. I love creating things ) language.... music... all the same ;)
  6. Qi'o

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hey, Fera! Thanks for appreciating my English ! ) Well, an Educator.... I chose this term, per se, cause I have to ...not only teach students English but also work out their psychological barriers, melt some ice and guide them,showing them a better way to improve their skills of communication... cut it short, there's way more than just teaching... so I call it 'An English Educator ' ;p I learned English just like all the rest of us, at school. Yeah, it's the most common secondary foreign language in most of Russian schools. Unfortunately, Russians speak poor English... no matter how hard i try ;p haha.... It's all about motivation and laziness. . . mentality, i assume! i was highly self-motivated and mastered it you have the hedges to trim... that's already something ;p it's summer here, in Moscow... so it's pretty warm... mostly... 20-30C"... when the weather is dull, like today... it's 12-17 C' =) as for time zones... I play different times... mornings...daytime... evenings... so, i reckon, we'll get a chance to go along ) Voice chats.... I am... not really a fan of voicechats... but if it's necessary... i'll install that Mumble )))
  7. Hello there! I'm Adam (ingame ID @Qi'o ). I live in Russia, Moscow, I'm an English educator, a musician, a poet, a writer and ... well, i have many skills... Yup, I know, the first thought that crossed your mind, like ' What? Why d'you play on the NA server?" Well, starting the ESO at the end of Nov, 2017, I got to sit and think: " Alright! Elder Scrolls Online... I have been playing the Skyrim ever since it was released, played again and again, mage, archer, rogue classes.... Love IT! the best game ever... okay, who made this game? who made ESO? I mean... which country originally is in charge for programming and servers' maintenance..? the US, right? so... That would reasonable to play on the native NA server, rather than EU ;p " As a solo player, I feel pretty alright exploring Tamriel alone. Thanks the Stars, ESO allows to do so, unlike other MMORPG i used to play. I miss, though, this 'family-like' community I once had when i played Lineage II, ages ago... I was in a guild of 10-20 people , we all knew each other pretty well, used names (not in-game nicknames), were in the know of our backgrounds, shared good and bad things that happened IRL.... well, it was a place to be and come back! I miss that. So, the guild of yours seems pretty much close to what I lack in the eso guild-system. I am a helping guy... being not much experienced in eso, i've tried to help out with all i can to those you needed me... Games i played: Diablo II, III, World of Warcraft, lots of RPG PC-games the names of which i do not remember, and.... the SKYRIM (the favorite!!!) I prefer one-char-style of gaming.. Don't really like making up tons of alts... So I have the one and only char - Higuchi, a magsorc, CP ~450 (@Qi'o) I would sincerely love to join your guild! Thank you ;p