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  1. xxxjohnnie


    What type of business do you run? Construction and a FightClub/Bar called the Salty Spitoon What is your actual favorite food? Shrimp You've got a son and he's bilingual. So English & what? Mandarin What other games do you play besides Destiny 2? Not much anymore. Probably just be grinding on D2 for a while. I was on Fortnite/ Rocket League/ Northgard Any hobbies? Athletically? Musically? Uhh, I'm pretty good at a lot of stuff. I run through a lot of hobbies. Currently I make some music, that's pretty much it though, cause we're in peak season with work. I'm getting the impression you like anime. Which shows are you currently watching? What are you all time favorites? LOL. Darling in the Franxx is what I keep up with most currently. All time.. Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, Darling in the Franxx, Kill la Kill idk 002 is bae that's pretty much all there is to me anymore. Do you have any pets? My ex left a fish tank over here. Idk what's in there I just feed em.
  2. xxxjohnnie


    Yo, my name is Johnnie. 26, Memphis local. I'm pretty much the strongest person in this whole guild. What do I do for a living? I'm a business owner. Founder/CEO of The Salty Spittoon. Favorite food? Shrimp, like your significant others. I also have a pirate shrimp tattooed on my calf. I'm primarily here to play (R2)D2 with my boy 901Kr00l. I have a son. He's 5 and bilingual, cause we're better than you. I bench 666ebs. (exboyfriends) Most of this has been about as serious as a fruit roll up. Let's get lit.
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