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  1. Syy101


    Wow and thanks! Sorry for my absence these days. I am more than glad to join the guild!
  2. Nice to meet you Caiffena! What's your in-game account name?
  3. Nice to meet you too Simone. I haven't been to Cyrodiil in ESO but some of the Mages Guild quests do bring back memory of Shivering Isles and Skyrim. I am afk for GTAOL because I think Rockstar manage the game just like GTA style: they encourage players to kill each other, destroy other's property, etc. In GTAOL you would be lucky that a player you meet doesn't shoot you on sight, let alone helping you. I prefer the friendly atmosphere in ESO :) Hello Morpheus. Are you here to liberate me from the Matrix :D I am sorry that Oracle DB fails you lol. I don't actually work on Oracle DB product but I hear that many companies in my country China are trying to move their business from Oracle DB to MySQL. I play Oblivion after Skyrim but still feel that it beats Skyrim in many aspects. A truly great game. I won't be listening to E3 because of the time zone. I am surprised that Bethesda is already planning another Fallout game instead of TES6. I hope that they just wanna keep secret about TES6 and surprise everyone. Who knows? :D
  4. Hi, Fera! I don't have any pet. Actually I never thought of having one. Maybe I would like a cat in the future because my girl friend loves cat :D Good luck with your part time job! I will go to work next month and say good bye to my student career :(
  5. Hi everyone. I am Syy (@Syy101), a new recruit of the guild in Elder Scrolls Online. I am from China and I work in Oracle as a programmer. My hobbies? The Elder Scrolls franchise of course! Besides ESO I also play Oblivion and Skyrim and I am more than happy to talk about them with anyone! I am quite new to ESO and it's my pleasure to join such a friendly and kind guild. Really helps a lot :) Other than TES I am also a big fan of Fallout and GTA (I have a lvl 300 account in GTAOL but I am currently afk) I also go to the gym regularly but I just started it a year ago. It's great to meet all of you :)
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