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  1. Fly2Freedom

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    It's really, really fun! It is based mostly on teamwork and good communication. There's no quickplay option so there are a lot of community servers to choose from, and you can have up to 54 people in one game, so you don't need a group unless you want to play with just your friends, so you choose an empty server.
  2. Fly2Freedom

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Hello! My favorite futuristic-type movie would either be Ready Player One or Enders Game. I don't know if this counts but a really good past-like movie for me is Back to the Future 3. I'll see you soon!
  3. Fly2Freedom

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Hello again! As of now, I am a student, and i'm really into music and technology. I have a dog, she's a beagle and her name is Annie. No pictures just yet. On my spare time, I love to just chill and play some piano for a bit. I've never taken actual piano lessons, I've just taught myself with Youtube videos. Usually the only other games I play are Overwatch and Blackwake. All time favorite games would probably be Team Fortress 2, Destiny 2, and Payday 2. I'm basically in love with burritos. I love summer because there is just a lot to do and its not freezing cold. dogsdogsdogsdogsdogs.
  4. Fly2Freedom

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Hello everyone! I am Fly2Freedom, and I am really eager to meet all of you! I have been playing Destiny about a month and a half after getting it from Humble Bundle and have got both DLCs. I want to get used to meeting new people (because im kinda an introvert) but I know that this will be fun. I actually met a lot of you a day before writing this in an Escalation Protocol and you all seemed like really nice guys (and i need people to carry me through leviathan). Anyways, I really want to meet all of you and maybe play some games together!