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    Again, I am so sorry that I took so long to reply and I really enjoyed getting to know you guys a little better. I hope to see you all in game. Also, feel free to add me on Bnet and hit me up anytime. I am around the PC a lot so dont be a stranger! Life#1343
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    To be completely honest with you, I never knew about Fermi's Paradox to be able to try to explain it to anyone, but after reading up a little, these are not ideas that I haven't already thought about. To not drag on, I agree with it. I think if we can exist that someone else has to be out there, too. Why wouldn't they? We can't assume there isn't life some where that we cannot travel to. So yea, if life can happen here I feel that it is else where as well. As far as contact, that's a good question. Maybe we have and aren't told about it because entertainment has potentially given alien life a false identity that would scare others. Maybe other life is simply out of our reach communication wise and physically. Again, while I have personally thought about these things I have not researched this enough to really have a conversation about it, but I would love to hear more. Feel free to add me on Bnet Life#1343
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    That depends on which way you think things have went sideways. But yes, it really has. Here is why I think so. Raiding - raids are no longer "hard." They have just become tedious complex, and yes I swear there is a difference. I feel that raid bosses now have mechanics that arent mechanically hard like they used to be(if that makes sense, as in game play style etc). Now, instead of having challenging mechanics we have a list of bs mechanics to complete in order to phase bosses. While this makes raids harder at times they really arent challenging skill like before, they are just making you dance and remember steps. I've tried to example how I feel about this to others with no success. I hope that I haven't confused you, too. Talents - talents were dumded down a long time ago. This is good but also a low blow to people who worked through the talent tree to best maximize their dps or healing potential as best suited to their play style & strengths and weaknesses. Talents again - every expansion they change something else that didn't really matter or replace abilities with abilities that are essentially the same with a new name and animation, not a fan of that. Forum qqs - WoW seems to be conforming more and more to who cries on forums the loudest. A lot of nerfs have been unnecessary . Lore (the qqs continued) - The current lore has upset a great many people Horde side. They are threatening to unsub and because of this Blizzard will again conform and write the pretty story that everyone (most) want. I feel that this is disrespectful to the writers. I feel like they are just being realistic. Throughout history there have been many tyrannical leaders and very disheartening events. Those things are what makes perseverance sweeter & and adds depth to the lore. Just my opinion, though. and I do not blame others who see the situation differently. Sorry again for the long reply. I am long winded at times! Also, do you play WoW or any other MMOs?
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    I have read and agree to the code of conduct
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    Hello! I am Life, or Summer if your prefer my government. I a new to the clan & to Destiny alike. D2 is only my second FPS game (Overwatch being the first). I have played WoW on and of since BC and started playing WoW more seriously in MoP. In RL I am 31 years old and engaged to be married to my beautiful fiance, Amber (also a gamer). On WoW I primarily play WW/MW Monk. On Overwatch I am very flexible but mostly play Zarya, WInston, Orisa, Lucio, Moira, and Zen. I can't wait to get to know everyone better. See you in game. -Life/Summer
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