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  1. Was up guys, I'm going to answer all your questions. Grieve What do you enjoy the most about NYC? I think the only thing I love about NYC is that anything me want is available at any time and near me. If a want a burger at 4am I just have to cross the street and they'll make it. Tacos or Burritos? Easy question. Both Got any pets? If not, do you prefer cats or dogs? (Or, are you allergic?) No pets. Really don't want that responsibility right now. Ps4 games! Favorite multiplayer game? Favorite single-player game? Favorite PS4 multiplayer would be Monster Hunter and single player game would be God of War. Any bars or restaurants you'd highly recommend in NYC? Bars I have no recommendations (I don't drink). Now when it comes to restaurants I'll recommend : Casa Enrique, SottoCasa Pizzeria, City Island Lobster House and the bodega across the street.They make some good Spanish food lol. Tyrlis What's your favorite /r/army/ thread? Don't have one. If you have any suggestions I would check them out. Why did you ignore Grieve's questions? Thought they were more rules I had to read, joking lol. Not going to lie I didn't see the post until today. Why am I at my son's college at 7 AM on a Saturday? School called again your son got stuck on the roof again.... butt nake again...lol Practical 12. If you had any super power, what would it be and why? Super genius just to build an iron man suit and be a billionaire 13. Too bad, you can't have that one. You instead now have the ability to read minds!!!! But only the minds of crustaceans. What do you do with this new found power? Damn that sucks. Guess I'll be a stand-in for the Aquaman movie. 14. Do you know why I started at 12? Grieve 5 questions Washington 3 questions Tyrlis 3 questions Add them up equals 11. Then 12 is the next question.
  2. Read and I agree to the terms
  3. Hi Washington! I'm a try to answer the questions to the best of my abilities. 1. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? I can't answer this question since you didn't specify African or European swallow. 2. How do know so much about swallows? They speak to me. 4. What happened to 3? I'm guessing you knew I was going to answer question 3 so its was skipped. The answer to question 3 was a swallow carried a coconut. Hope those are the right answers.
  4. Was up guys thanks for the invite. I'm new to the PC world, was mostly a console player (PS4). Right now I mostly play D2 so if anyone needs help I willing to help to the best of my ability. I live in NYC (sorry in advance for the background noise lol) My main source of income is from the National Guard. Thinking of going active duty (if there are any soldiers out there with any advice is greatly appreciated). Hobbies of course is gaming, I also just recently got into MMA. Thanks again
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