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  1. is there a specific server I need to join in NA or do I need an invite or what?
  2. I already hold these standards, so I already agree!
  3. Nothing mentioned alarms me. I agree in full.
  4. Thanks for the welcome Will! I'm as good as I'm gonna get for now I guess, but I'm glad for it too. I'm sure I'll be reaching out frequently as Bungie seems to have stepped up their game in Forsaken!
  5. Hey man, happy to be here! I'm glad I survived, ad I'm in one piece at least haha. My ankle is permanently damaged though so i can't do any running or anything like that. I'll be looking out for your message!
  6. Thank you for the welcome! I would love to be a car/automotive engineer. Aerodynamics have always interested me and I'm truly an aesthetics kinda guy. I'm really plain so I generally only get pepperoni, and the more cheese the better! I really couldn't care less about what kind of pizza it is because PIZZA! lol I really like how intense some of the player vs. player fights can get in games like Destiny and Rainbow Six: Seige. Since I'm no longer very active physically, nothing gets my heart pumping harder than trying to clutch a round victory or catch up against difficult opponents! I might have to post some pet pics as well, Toby is honestly the best thing ever
  7. Greetings fellow gamers and enthusiasts! So this is me: My name is Likafoss ("Like-a-Foss" or just "Foss") on literally every site and game, no one takes it conveniently and while I mostly play games solo, I'm starting to play more and more Destiny 2 and other games that are highly group based. I heard about South of Heaven from my friend theRundown, well, I noticed he hadn't left his guild in a while so I got curious as I was beginning my search. Anyways, he spoke highly of your group and I learned enough about it through Grieve and additional reading that I felt I would fit right in to the atmosphere. A little more about myself: I started playing video games since I was about 6 or 7 with my older brother when we got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas one year. I've played just about every genre from racing and fighting to strategy and open world. I have come to highly prefer first person shooters as I've moved from console gaming over to PC and am still getting the hang of it to be completely honest XD. Aside from that, I graduated high school in Georgia, and tried the college thing, unfortunately I got myself into a terrible car accident one Saturday morning and after three months in two hospitals, having 5 surgeries, and recovering for months, I couldn't find the energy to get back on track so I'm trying to make my way in the world while I wait on a better time to pursue the rest of my education. Being only 21 and still living at home for the time being, I have few obligations other than to my job and my dog (an amazing Black Lab I call Toby) so needless to say my time spent on online games has picked up in the last year and I'm looking for others to share my experiences with. I really hope I can call myself part of your community and get to know each of you better! Feel free to reply with any questions and what-not, I'll be happy to tell you more about myself
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