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  1. Heya Grieve. A couple of my first games I enjoyed was Donkey Kong (arcade) as far as consoles or PC some of the older games I enjoyed would be Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I played the shit outta that game and Enemy Territory that followed that. As far as recent games I just came from and still play a little Guild Wars 2. Guild wars 1 was the game that got me headed in the MMo route. Another game I did play within a year or so ago is ESO which I see ya have a chapter over there. I enjoyed FFXIV for a while WoW a little bit and Black Desert Online. Favorite food would be pizza or a pepper steak dish my wife makes (getting hungry just typing it). Beer is my alcoholic beverage of choice and for sure dogs>cats though I like both. When I was born my mom used to show german shepherd dogs. She had 19 of them when I was born so kinda had a thing for them ever since.
  2. Hey Merri, the last show I watched was big bang theory and I would love to see anyone from that show rescue anyone from a island. Although Penny from that show could save me.. did I type that ?
  3. Hello again I guess I am not very good at these intros, I am a commercial construction worker (drywall/ painting) living about 25 miles north of Milwaukee Wi. I am married and no kids, just something my wife and I agreed on early. I do enjoy golfing when I can but my games are mostly my hobby. Between work and many side jobs I get just relaxing is the name of the game. I am 48yrs old and have been hooked on gaming ever since I owned a commodore vic-20.
  4. Hello my name is Steve but in most games I go by Scrubbi, Fernaufer (Fern for short) and of course BufordtJustice. I have been gaming for a lot of years, used to play a lot of FPS games but mainly the last 10 years have been mmo's and believe me I have tried most of them. When I was just browsing through the Lord of the Rings forums and came across the post by Simone about a couple of people that switch up the games they are playing every so often. Well with all the mmo hopping I have been doing lately this group sounds right up my ally. Looking at the forums I see a couple of games you all play that also interest me. So here I am applying to SoH because it just sounds like a good fit.
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