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  1. Rojdan


    Mmm, yummy Excel spreadsheets. They do have a unique ability to slowly siphon your life-force. I ABSOLUTELY understand. Since you asked, here's a couple of Seamus pics! Sadly, the Husky mix (Pearl) had to stay with a friend after our most recent move. She would not have enjoyed apartment living....
  2. Rojdan


    Hey guys, thanks for the welcome! Simone, I'm definitely excited to get into some group play! Saturday night should work well for me most weeks; I might not make it on until around 10 EST most nights, after the kids are down for bed. And I'll follow up with you more via the PM. Fera, I'll be sure to poke around a bit. Make sure I'm not falling into some crazy cult or something :P. But for sure, it sounds like a really pleasant community; that's cool, and refreshing. Should have the Piled higher and Deeper in another few years! It's a journey, but a good one (at least, when I'm not stuck banging my head into a wall!). I'll get set up on Discord and Mumble, to make sure I don't miss out on the fun. Grieve, we do actually have a little dog! He's a 5yr old beagle/Australian cattle dog mix. Anxious guy, but he's really sweet. Name's Seamus. And for non-MMO games, what have I been playing recently...throwing it back to Mass Effect 2. I absolutely love the ME trilogy, and kind of always have a goal to be playing through it... Then, some strategy, with Civ 6 and this econ-RTS Offworld Trading Company.
  3. Rojdan


    Hello SoH, Name's Jordan in RL, or Rojdan (or Roj, like "Rahj", for short). I started LOTRO back in June and am thoroughly digging it. Taking it pretty easy and slow, enjoying the journey. But, I have not yet found a path to really integrate into an in-game community or group. The solo play is a lot of fun, but being able to group quest and hang out explore together in middle-earth just sounds really great. I saw Simone's post on the lotro subreddit, and after reading through the code and "dirty words" I'm curious to hear more about SoH and it's Nomads/lotro group! Sounds like it could be a great time, and a good fit for me. I am really enjoying the game, but always worry that I can't commit the kind of time that many guilds/kinships would expect; that doesn't seem to be an issue here. Some other RL notes: I'm 27 and married, and we have a couple of pretty cool small humans. I am fated to be an eternal student, and am working on my PhD in the molecular life sciences, just starting my thesis work. Science! Really, it's a blast. But yeah, b/t family and work/school, time for gaming usually comes at night (9-midnight CST, though certainly not every night), and on weekends (still mostly at night). Anyways, feel free to ask me what you'd like, and I hope to start playing with you all soon!
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