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  1. Looks good. Everything seems respectable and consise. Loud and clear.
  2. But, but, haven't you ever wanted to be the dragon taming elves telling those high and mighty empire that they aren't so high and mighty? But you're right not much different than Rome. It's just my outlet for experiencing all those lord of the rings esc battles I always wanted to see more of as a hardcore lord of the rings lover. As for my drink of choice while driving a Pepsi truck, I'd have to say I can't technically answer that because I've never driven a truck . My line of work is actually done out of my personal vehicle. I drive from store to store (Kroger, Walmart, etc.) and stock the shelves from our back stock, build displays, and fill the coolers. That's right. I'm a glorified, over-paid, stock-worker, what of it? But all that's semantics. Pure Leaf Tea every day baby! I'll swear by it. I actually was involved in an accident with a friendly titan's shoulder spikes on the already too large pads. You can't tell but my warlock's left eye is fake. So I'm an advocate of smaller shoulder pads. Who you tryin' to impress?? My pretty face senses started tingling the moment I entered this forum. It's ripe here and I love it.
  3. Dogs over cats every day. But that doesn't mean I dislike them. Can't wait for red dead. I spent way too much time on the first one and the way Rockstar did gta 5 gets me me all the more excited. I'm always willing to share pics of my good boy. I'll see if I can get some uploaded soon. All of them on my phone are too big to be posted. And I'll keep my eyes open for that info. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys. Thanks for having me. Screen name deaddiggle, I respond mostly to diggle. Real name Andrew. Long time friend and true love of Harmacist(Kaleb) even though he still hasn't left his GF for me yet. I live with my girlfriend of 5 years, one of my best friends, and one of my other best friends, my dog, Kodiak the Siberian Husky. Wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Just bought my first house, we're actually moving in this week. It's been a nightmare that I'm glad to finally see coming to an end. I've worked for PepsiCo for the past 4 years during the days as a merchandiser and work for the vangaurd for the last 5 years picking up moonlight shifts killing some hive gods, oil face cabal, and schooling people in the crucible once I'm home from the day job. I enjoy strategy games on the side (total war: war hammer has been my passion as of late), watching TV with the lady, helping my friends be introduced into the wonderful world of pc gaming by walking them through the building process, cooking some damn tasty meals, and coffee. Damn do I enjoy some good bean water. I'm looking forward to the companionship of a nice home base clan on destiny that has been lacking since our previous clan dissolved from complications. Thanks for having me, I look forward to meeting each and everyone of your pretty faces.
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