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  1. cluboris

    Hi there

    Wolfhounds are great. I think my daughter would have been able to ride Shadow.
  2. cluboris

    Hi there

    Ha, I know the feeling. Bourbon on the rocks.
  3. cluboris

    Hi there

    No Worries on the rules. I checked that out before posting and I agree with it wholeheartedly. Not a fan of toxic behavior online. I am in NJ. I Grew up on the beach so I love that whole vibe, but I moved inland a bit for job/affordability purposes. The leaves are changing, but if feels wrong since it's still 82 and humid. We are supposed to catch some of the remnants of Hurricane Michael at some point Thursday/Friday, and then Fall sets in. We do get snow, but not a lot usually, although with Nor'easters we have our moments. If we get 3-6 inches the whole place shuts down and people lose their minds on the roads. I don't care what anyone says, I like Hawaiian Pizza (pineapples / ham). I'm not super picky. No anchovies, please. Everything else, go nuts. 1. Hockey 2. Football 3. Baseball 4. Soccer The only major sport I can't get into is basketball. I like Steve Kerr though, he is cool. I grew up on baseball and I love the stats side of it, but it's hard to watch a nine inning game on TV without getting a little bored. Playoffs are great though. Football is yay, but the officiating this year is making me tear my hair out to the point where it's hard to watch. Hockey I follow religiously. My son plays in a travel league and it's a big part of my weekend now. Below is the pup. Her name is Xena. She is a pain in the ass but I love her dearly.
  4. cluboris

    Hi there

    Thank you for the welcome. I'll try to pop on to Discord tonight at some point after thing quiet down, just to say hello. I'd love to say definitely I'll be there both Thursday and Saturday, but weekdays are rough since I get up so early the next morning for work, and Saturday my kid has a late hockey game that may spill past 9. I'll try my best though, looking forward to it!
  5. cluboris

    Hi there

    Hello everyone. I'm Kyle, LOTRO name is Bossjim, I go by Cluboris in other games, a buddy of mine gave me that nickname a while ago and I still use it for gaming since it's usually not taken. Bossjim is another deal which is kind of a tribute to an old band I listen to, I needed a nick and their CD was laying on the computer desk. Anyway, I'm 45, married, 2 kids, a boy, 10, and a girl, 9. Oh, and a dog, can't forget the dog. She's a lab mix, a rescue we got 3 years ago. I'm East Coast, teach history for a living. I have been playing video games forever, but my game time is kind of limited lately due to job/wife/kids. I try to get on as much as I can but it's harder lately. I saw the recruitment post on the LOTRO forums, and here I am. I enjoy lots of different games, but lately I have been into grindy stuff with lots of rewards, World of Tanks, lots of Warframe recently...games that can be played for short bursts and it doesn't feel like you missed out if you can't play for a few days. As far as LOTRO is concerned, I had the game way back in 2007, but WoW was my main game back then and I had too much time invested in that world to start something new. Lately I have been jonesing for a fantasy MMO and came back to LOTRO. I thought about ESO or WoW again, but the level scaling really turns me off. I've been kinda playing LOTRO as a solo game, just hit level 20, finally have a horse, so I am excited to play and thought maybe I can link up with some people and try to hit some instances like the good old days, or just run around and level as a group. I'd love an invite and to hit up a couple of Saturday night sessions and see if it's a good fit. Thanks for reading.
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