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  1. @Merriwhizzle I would have to go woth the usual money, money, money. With it you can pretty much take care of everything else
  2. @Tyrlis o7 In eve I was/still am a member of Solar Vista. Primarily an industrial/mining corp with stations in 2 different wh's - don't remember which type. One was for those getting used to wspace and moon mining/planetary commodities, the other was good for ratting, exploration and mining. Most of my interesting stories come from running from gankers or a lovely gate camp. One pilot was up to an Orca and the Hulk/T2 ORE ships., the other was a miner/transport pilot. Jetcan til I couldnt stand it and haul it in I did alot of exploration with the SOE ship, cant remember the name of it to save myself right now, and lost one or 2 in w-space. Some people dont like visitors :P Dream house in the country. Have been living in rural areas long enough I hope to never have to go back to the city. Quiet and peaceful, for the most part. Never thought about what I would leave at the top of Everest, can't think of anything atm either :P That would have to be a big ole glass of sweet tea, tropical punch Koolaid works in a pinch too
  3. Thank you Fera. My favorite snack food is Twizzlers by a long shot. We have enough fur babies that, given enough time, I will have to steal the title harder of cats I saw on here 😁 Here is a pic of a couple of them, will have to get y'all a pic of feeding time. We also have 2 dogs. Look forward to joining the group, will be on here after just a bit. As far as voice comms go I can hear but due to the latency of my lovely satellite internet cannot talk. The Joy's of living in rural southeastern Oklahoma 😮
  4. Hello SoH, My name is Jon, Galassiel in-game. I played lotro a while back, not entirely sure how long ago though 😝. Came back as I am getting burned out/bored with Albion Online and needed something new. I have been playing RPG's since age 11, turn 40 the 21st 😮 I am married with 3 kids and work in the oilfield. My 2 week on 2 week off schedule limits playtime as well as life in general. I enjoy playing with so called 'grownups' like myself 😁 I have played everything from FF1 and Zork to our lovely 3d MMORPG's of today(WoW, Rift, Defiance, EVE Online, etc.) I look forward to being a part of the Nomads 😉
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